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February 14 ,2021

Why should you have Automatic Doors for your Business

Why should you have Automatic Doors for your Business

A convenient and stress-free way to enable all customers and wheelchair users to have access to your business is by the installation of automatic doors.
Many businesses are realizing this. Hence, they make provision for automatic doors. However, before giving you more proves, we’d like you to know that the fully competent experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro can help you with automatic door recommendations. We can as well secure your business doors with suitable lock devices. 
Now, below are more reasons many businesses are embracing automatic doors and why your business may need to as well.

Ease of Access

With their hands full, customers are likely to be happy if they don’t have to worry about dealing with a manual door.  If you run a retail store, hotel, or any other type of business that attracts daily high foot traffic, give your customers the convenience of access by installing doors that close and open automatically. 
Your employees or workers will also benefit from this arrangement because they won’t have to worry about pressing a lever handle or turning a doorknob before they get in or out.  Also in case of an emergency, a door free of manual control will ensure no barrier to people who need urgent pass through the entrance.

Health Reasons

During a time like this when the whole world is dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect, many people try to avoid touching public doors. Businesses with touch-free entryways can better manage the spread of germs and viruses. Whether your business is a retail or grocery store, a hospital, a hotel, or an office, making provision for a complete touchless experience when entering or exiting your building can protect your customers and employees from contracting or spreading germs and viruses.

Handicap Accessible Doors

To cater to the needs of patrons and customers with disabilities, many businesses and even organizations are now seeing the need to have at least one automatic door installed in their facility, particularly at their buildings’ entrances. To provide everyone with easy entry into and exit out of your business premises regardless of their ages or physical disabilities, automatic doors are one great option. 
Guests and employees don’t have to reach for door handles. Automatic doors sense the human body temperature. Such doors open when someone comes near to their entry side and close after the person is in.

Ready to Install Automatic Doors?

Installing automatic doors in your business is one way to provide your customers and patrons with convenience and safety, irrespective of their ages or health conditions. Buying and installing an automatic access door system, however, can be an arduous task and even a very expensive ordeal if don’t know where to check or how to go about the process. 
Fortunately, we have experts here who can help you find the right automatic door for your business and fit the right locking system to it. You’ll only need to contact our customer at Columbus Locksmith Pro to discover what we can do for you.


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