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February 26 ,2022

Why Should You Change Locks When Moving to a New Place?

Why Should You Change Locks When Moving to a New Place?

It is always a thrilling experience when the key to a new home is finally handed over to you. The next thing on your mind will be how to move furniture and arrange the interior of your new home. However, in the midst of all that, you have to evaluate the security of your new home and ask an important question – are there duplicate keys of my apartment with unknown persons?

In most cases, the former occupant hands over all the keys to your lawyer the moment the deal is finalized. However, it is impossible to ascertain whether the former occupants gave their neighbors, relatives, or even the housekeeper spare keys.

What if it’s a new house? You may have purchased a new home directly from the builder making you the first homeowner. But you should know that during the construction and interior decorations stages, keys are handed over to administrative workers that require access to your home. And there is a possibility that some of them still have those keys!

As a matter of fact, home insurance companies often penalize those homeowners who don’t change locks when they move because whenever a burglary case is reported, they’re keen to find any signs of forcible entry. The motive is never to manipulate the result but to ensure it wasn't the homeowner’s negligence that led to the theft.

If you are yet to make up your mind, we’ll prove why changing your locks are important and how to replace your locks with the help of a professional locksmith in Delaware, OH.

Why You Should Replace Locks After Moving In

Changing locks after moving is important and shouldn’t be neglected for valid reasons below. These reasons are universal and are applicable to every homeowner.

Make Sure No One Have Your Keys

One of the critical reasons for changing your locks is to prevent any outsider from accessing your home. The ex-homeowners may be cute and all, but there’s no assurance whether they handed over their keys to people with ulterior motives. As a new homeowner, you don’t want to take that risk. 

Prevent Aging

Locks are susceptible to defects after a long time. Due to wear and tear, the mechanism and moving parts may start to malfunction making your home and properties vulnerable. Not just that, there’s a high chance that your locks are not equipped with the latest anti-burglary techniques. New locks often come with more sophisticated anti-burglary protections.

Reduce Burglary 

Burglars are often masters in picking the different types of locks especially if these locks have been around for a while. One way to stay ahead of them is to change your locks regularly. Newer locks usually have an updated anti-burglary technique which deters burglars from even attempting. 

Feeling of Security 

You can sleep better at night knowing fully well that your locks have been replaced. The feeling of security that comes with replacing your locks can also make your new home more enjoyable.

Where We Come In 

At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we are concerned about your safety and security. With our expertise and trained locksmith in lock replacement, be assured that we can help you change your locks to the latest, anti-burglary locks to protect your house from burglary. 

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