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March 19 ,2021

Why Exit Devices are Important

Why Exit Devices are Important

Exit devices, also called panic bars, are one of the answers to commercial security and safety challenges. These devices ensure the safety of your workers and assets. Exit devices also make it possible to leave a building during an emergency and prevent unauthorized people from entering your workspace. This blog considers the functions, types, and importance of panic bars.

Note that the experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro are always available to help if you need assistance installing a panic bar in your business. Give us a call and one of our trained professionals will evaluate your security system or get your panic bars into tip-top shape in no time.

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How Exit Devices Work

An exit device can be likened to a door-latching component that comes with a release bar. When the bar is pushed, the door is unlatched, allowing the person on the inside to exit safely. It also prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access to a building.   

Types of Exit Devices

When it comes to exit devices, there are several options you can choose from, with each of these choices having its unique features. However, we’ll discuss two types of panic bars in this blog.

  • Rim Exit Devices: The rim exit device is one of the most popular options. It is surface mounted and has bolts that are so fitted over the surface mounted strike. This device is mostly used for single doors.  
  • Mortise Lock Style Exit Device: This exit device comes with a mortise body lock, which is often installed onto the active leaf of a pair of doors.

Panic bars also come in different designs. Examples are crossbars, touch bars, and integrated bars. If you’re a business owner, having a panic bar is useful. Below are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Emergencies Help 

Panic bars can be handy in times of emergencies and instant egress is crucial. The device ensures people in a building exit safely. 

Prevent or Minimize Danger 

With exit devices, dangers can be averted or minimized. In a case of fire hazard, those in the workplace can easily get out through the exit door.

Insurance Requirement

Exit devices can be helpful when it comes to insurance. Some insurance policy requires having exit devices in a building. Also, having the device installed can help you cut back on insurance costs, depending on the insurance policy or company you’re dealing with. 

How to Choose The Right Panic Bar

If you aren’t a trained service professional who is experienced with lock devices, you’ll probably need someone to find a panic device perfect for your business doors. For commercial applications, an exit device usually has to comply with the requirements of the safety authorities. Also buying a fire-rated exit device hardware can be a good investment. 

Some fire-rated panic bars when integrated with a fire alarm system can help the latch to function properly. However, with several types of panic bars out there, getting expert help will make you get the right device for your business. Contact Columbus Locksmith Pro for exit device help today.

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