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May 22 ,2023

What to do if Your Key Breaks Inside the Lock

What to do if Your Key Breaks Inside the Lock

A broken key inside the lock puts you at a disadvantage. However, the quickest and stress-free solution is to contact a local locksmith service. In no time, you will regain access to your home. In case you need such services, Columbus Locksmith Pro is ever ready to assist you with key replacement and other services.

If you don't want to hire a professional for such services, here are tips to regain access to your property.

Use Wire/Pins to Manipulate the Lock

This method requires being fast and extra careful. Look for two pieces of stiff wire, Bobby pins or safety pins, and insert the two objects along either side of the key. Ensure the objects are firmly in place then apply pressure on the key by turning your wrists inward and pulling it towards you. Now, this method will likely require a few tries before it is successful. However, know that each attempt makes the key stick farther out so you can tug it the rest of the way using pliers or your fingers.

Scissors Technique

The fragmented or broken part of the key can be removed using scissors. If you can, get scissors with a smaller blade because it is the most suitable for this method of key removal. Depending on how the key is stuck inside the lock, the scissors can be used in either ways:

a.) For a key that is slightly protruding from the keyhole, open the scissors a bit and fit its two tips at the top and bottom of the key respectively. Then lightly press down the scissors until the blades have closed in on the broken part and slowly pull back. Once you have done this a few times, the key should have moved to a better position.

b.) The scissors blades should be opened and held near the screw. After that, insert a blade along the side of the key then put pressure on the key. Slowly pull it outward. This process may take some time to be successful depending on how stuck is the fragmented key.

Apply Ice on the Key

You could head over to the refrigerator to get some ice if the key snapped inside. If you are locked out, walk down to a neighbor's place to ask for ice. Place the ice on the key and keep it pressed against the key for up to thirty seconds. The purpose of the ice is to make the metal lock contract. Once this happens, the wedged key will become free, so slowly turn the key and remove it. This technique will work faster if the lock pins held the burr.

Hire a Locksmith

Have you tried any of these techniques without being successful? Then, contact Columbus Locksmith Pro for an emergency locksmith service. We will help you remove the broken key from the lock and gain access to your home.

Moreover, whether you successfully remove the key or not, you still need

Columbus Locksmith Pro to perform a key replacement service. This is because the fragmented key is now useless and you will need a new key to lock and unlock the door.

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