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March 18 ,2022

What Is Deadlocking?

What Is Deadlocking?

There are some technological features in modern cars hidden from ordinary drivers. When it comes to security, deadlocking is a technological feature that is unpopular but very important in keeping your car safe.

The term deadlocking is applicable in computer programming and operating systems. However, the deadlocking system in cars is designed to enhance the security so that it will be difficult to break into, given the doors can’t be opened at all. Read more to have an in-depth understanding of what deadlocking is all about.

What is Deadlocking in Cars?

Deadlocking in cars is a security feature that mechanically disengages the doors. When activated, the passenger will not open the door from the inside. Although this can happen accidentally, the motive is to stop criminals from accessing your car.

You can activate the deadlocking process with a single press of the factory remote. In some cars, you can activate the system via double locking, whereby the button is activated by pressing the lock button a second time.

Accidental Deadlocking

Sometimes, you can experience deadlocking malfunctions. This can happen when the locking mechanism of your car is having issues. Try to use the key fob to open the car door but if it is stuck and the mechanism is broken, you may have to call a professional auto locksmith to work on it.

The worst situation in deadlocking is when a toddler or pet is inside the car. If the car is under direct rays of the sun, the temperature could rise significantly. Call the authorities if there are no nearby locksmiths to avoid heatstroke. You also have to ensure that the problem is deadlocking and not that the doors are dented or damaged. Other possibilities when the door isn’t opening is faulty locks.

However, if you are sure it is deadlocking and you want a locksmith to fix the problem, know that not all of them can fix deadlocking in cars. The cause of deadlocking could be more complicated than you think, making it more difficult to fix. However, the qualified locksmith at Columbus Locksmith Pro, can resolve deadlocking issues for all kinds of car models and makes.

Switch Off Deadlocks Temporarily When It Is Risky

For your safety and that of your passengers, the deadlocking feature can be disabled temporarily. You can opt for the disabling option to avoid locking a toddler or a pet in the car when you are hanging out. The process is called reduced guard function. You can use the key fob or disable it manually. The disabling process is not the same in all cars. Check out the manual of your car or visit the car manufacturer's website for further information.

Let Us Help You During Emergencies

Whether you are experiencing deadlocking or locked out of your car, be assured that the experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro are ever ready to help. Having someone fast and trustworthy can make the difference when you have a car lockout situation. Call us for all your auto locksmith needs.

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