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October 15 ,2021

What is a Cruciform Lock?

What is a Cruciform Lock?

A cruciform lock is a distinct kind of lock that is shaped like a cross. It is a combination of four locks made on a single key. The cruciform lock is also called cross or Zeiss lock. Cruciform means to form or arrange on a cross lock, hence, the second name cross lock. Cruciform locks appear on safes, garage doors, padlocks, and cruciform keyways on steering locks.

This type of lock is unique as well as rare. Car owners use it often to secure their steering wheels. The lock became popular after a company called SentrySafe used the idea to configure a product. Now, some manufacturers are adopting the concept in the design of padlocks and door locks.

How does it work?

The cruciform locks work with the pin tumbler system. Users regard the cruciform to be more secure compared to the traditional locks. The Zeiss or cruciform lock comes in different pin combinations and designs. While you can get the basic types with 16 pins, there is an advanced product with 20 pins.

The Zeiss lock is perceived to be a more secure lock because of its four-keyway opening pattern. The lock can also be used for several purposes. Due to the complexity of the internal mechanism, it takes a lot of time to pick. More so, it is only the owner or an experienced locksmith that can identify the entryway of the lock.

How to Pick a Cruciform Lock

Although it is a tough lock, a technically savvy person can pick it with the right tools. There are a couple of ways to pick a cruciform lock:

  • Using a Cruciform Key

This key is not the original key to the lock. It is more of a try-out key that possesses the same features as the lock. Although they're made like the original keys, this method is not reliable. It takes a lot of trials with different cruciform try-out keys to be successful.

  • Cruciform Lock Pick Method

The lock pick is made up of 5 components and must be manipulated for the lock to open. These components are tension prongs, tines, tension wheel, plunger and threaded shaft, and shield.

This picking method is mostly used by experienced locksmiths. Nevertheless, the burglars that apply this method take advantage of the flaws in the threaded shaft. Without the support of the threaded shaft, this picking method will be impossible.

  • Single Pin Picking

You need a wrench of the right size to tension the lock for this method to be successful. This picking method could be quite tricky. First, tension the lock with the wrench, then find a binder to give you a bit of resistance. Push until all pins are set to open the lock.

Get the Cruciform Lock and Enjoy Enhanced Security

Use the cruciform lock to safeguard your car, home, or office. It gives enhanced security because burglars are still perplexed by its’ design and configuration.

If you consider getting the cruciform lock for your home or office, contact Columbus Locksmith for lock replacement. We will in the installation and we also offer after-service support.

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