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July 23 ,2020

Types of Safes

Types of Safes

Many things come to mind when considering the best safe to buy for the protection of your jewelry, cash, official documents, and other materials against theft, fire, and water damage. 
However, the first step to take before making that all-important buying decision is to think about the type of protection you need. 

More so, you have to consider other factors like Fireproof or resistant capabilities which help the safe withstand a certain range of temperatures, durability, sturdiness, and size.

That is why it’s always a daunting task for the layman when choosing a safe or strongbox. But the professionals from Columbus Locksmith Pro has made it a lot simple in this short guild. Why not relax and have a read? 

Simple Fire Resistant Safe
Your home can come under fire at any time. That is why you need to protect important documents like will and automobile titles. Having a fire-resistant safe protects your valuable papers in the event of a fire outbreak. This safe is good especially if you are strict on budget.  

Burglary Safe 
When it comes to security, a burglary safe is more secure than a simple fire safe. The reason because it’s heavier. And the heavier the safe, the more secure it is. A burglary safe is made of more secure steel and they are concealed in some manner. 

There are three main types of burglary proof safes, namely; Wall safe, 
Standalone safe, and Floor Safe. These safes are fireproof, not just fire-resistant. It is best to check the fire rating before buying any safe. 
Jewelry Safes
The most common use of a jewelry safe is a local jeweler. But today, many influential people now use jewelry safe to protect their Jewelry. Although jewelry safes are expensive, their prices are justified when you use them to protect your expensive jewelry.
Most jewelry safes are beautiful, but don’t let the beauty deceive you. At least the interior of good jewelry safe is made of heavy-duty steel.
Make sure you install the safe where it is well hidden yet easily accessible to you. Also, leave enough space so you can open the doors fully. Arrange the drawers to keep your valuables well organized.

Business Safes 
Commercial safes are the perfect choice for buildings where valuables are kept such as post office, hotels, educational institutions, malls, restaurants, and Government establishments.

Bank Vaults 
A bank vault is also called a strong room. The difference between a bank vault and a conventional room is that it is an integral part of the building. Most times, 
this vault is an armored room with a heavy close-fitting steel door and a complex locking mechanism.  

As a home or business owner that cares about protecting valuables against theft, damage, or loss, you can make a choice from the above-mentioned types of safes. Nevertheless, if you live or work in an area known for high rates of property crime and you need the help of professional locksmith for safe installation, or security system upgrade, don’t hesitate to call Columbus Locksmith Pro. Our experts can help you make the right choice that can prevent accidental loss and also can resist safe cracking attempts

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