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August 08 ,2020

Trusted Door Lock Brands

Trusted Door Lock Brands

Part of a Smart Home is security and a good door lock gives you a feeling of safety. A smart door lock is one of the smart security options you can choose from. But what are the best smart door locks and what are the functions of a smart door lock? You can read it in this article.
Here are some of our recommended smart door lock brands that will definitely suit your need!

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 - Best Smart door lock

The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is the best smart door lock. It has the ability to manage 200 users, is easy to install, is easy to integrate into the Smart Home system and can always be controlled remotely. It is a bit pricey, but the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is well worth it!

Danalock V3

The Danalock V3 is in a nice second place for us. The Danalock is the first smart door lock that uses AES 256 encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) as security. They have listened to the feedback given by the users which makes it easier to install and use the Danalock V3. In short: better security, better ease of use. Reason enough for second place.

Schlage Smart Lock

The Schlage Smart Lock ranks third among the smartest door locks. The lock is equipped with built-in LED lighting, so that the touchscreen keyboard is visible even in the dark. In addition, the lock has a fingerprint resistor to ensure that the code is undetectable, even after years of use. Of course it can also be used with a smartphone and has an automatic locking function after 30 seconds.

Nest X Yale Lock

This smart door lock works on batteries, is easy to use and it is a Google product, so it’s easy to integrate with the other Google Nest products. The limitations are that it is more difficult to install than the top 3 just mentioned. In addition, the system works really automatically, you cannot use a key. You need a Nest Connect or Nest Guard to use the Nest X Yale Lock.

Invited Smart Lock

The Invited Smart Lock belongs in the top 5 smart door locks. The Invited Smart Lock has a day and night mode. Where the door lock closes during the day, but is not automatically locked. With the night function, the smart door lock automatically locks. The Invited Smart Lock is also easy to connect to a Smart Hub and easy to operate remotely via an app or your own smartphone.

Yale Assure lock

With the Yale Assure lock you have the option of having 250 pin codes. You can remove it at any time. The sin of this function is that the pin codes do not expire automatically. Yale Assure lock does what it should and does not have many extras. A stable smart door lock that is easy to use.

Samsung Digital Door Lock

The Samsung Digital Door Lock is the most expensive option of the smartest door locks, but then you also have something. This door lock can be opened with a fingerprint, RFID tags and codes. The design of this door lock is also tighter and more striking than the other smart door locks. With a maximum of 31 different user codes and 100 fingerprint recognitions, you have the option to give everyone a unique code. A disadvantage of this lock is that it can be difficult to install.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock ranks tenth in the list of best smart door locks. The big disadvantage is that this model can only be used in the United States. Dana-lock is the European variant! The August Smart Lock works with Bluetooth, Apple Home Kit, Z-Wave and other smart home technology. In addition, the August Smart Lock also has the automatic locking function.
Irrespective of the door lock brand you need installed in your home or office, Columbus Locksmith Pro has got you covered. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we’ve got experienced locksmith with the latest equipment to install all types of locks. We are dedicated to help you enhance the security of your residential or commercial facility. Give us a call today.

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