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August 29 ,2020

Top 5 Tools Every Locksmith Must Have in 2020

Top 5 Tools Every Locksmith Must Have in 2020

The locksmith industry is not an old-fashioned industry with few customers who need it. Below are the top five tools both aspiring and experienced locksmith must have on them at all times.

Formed end Tweezers: 
You might recall seeing this in your school's first-aid box or recall your dad picking up home objects that are too small to be handled with bare hands. However, beyond first-aid applications and daddy's hand-tool, tweezers can be quite useful for work involving small electronic parts, particularly surface-mount items, as well as mechanical parts of industrial mechanisms.

For locksmiths, tweezers are used for pinning locks and are designed with a special notch to hold the pin.

Tweezers are made of stainless steel that's been milled and has a grooved tip for fast and easy loading of cylinder pins that cannot bend or flex.
These slim tweezers can help hold lock driver pins from inside the lock. If you need to work with locks internal components this is the perfect tool for you. Ensure you go for Tweezers that are straight and parallel blades, as these provide ease for rekeying locks and top-pin loading.

Plug Follower: 
A plug follower is a device used in the assembly and disassembly of locks; it is a solid cylinder that is used to push the plug out of the lock while preventing the springs and driver pins from moving. Plug followers are a necessity when you need to disable and reassemble a lock to re-key.
First, find the hollow plug follower that fits your lock. Then insert the follower before removing the lock, and it will prevent the springs and pins from scattering on the ground or flying into the air.

Pro-tip: It's essential to replace the plug when it's removed from the lock and trap all the driver pins and springs in the bible; that way, you can remove the plug and key pins and leave the driver pins and springs in place.

End-cap Removal Tool: 
If you have been taught to use the end of a pick in removing the end cap of a lot of deadbolts, stop it because that’s a really slow process. Invest in a cap removal tool it will pay itself in the time you save. This tool is used to remove the cylinder end caps from Schlage, Weiser, and many imported locks.

It is a hollow double-ended tool that can slip over the tail-shaft of most deadbolt locks to remove the end cap while simultaneously depressing the locking pin that holds it in place.

Laser Key Cutter And Key Duplicator: 
This is one of the tools that makes life easy for the locksmith. It can be used to cut standard, auto, simple cut, barrel, and dimple keys. Try to get this all-important tool and thank us later.

Adams Rite Tool:
If a latch guard is in situ, or the door fits too tightly, the tool can't be used. But, on some single doors without a latch guard, you'll use an air wedge to spread the gap far enough to use the tool. The hooked end of the tool is often inserted into the latch and wont to operate an equivalent mechanism that the key uses to unlock the door. This tool may be a real time-saver once you can use it, especially on double doors.  

Most locksmiths also use this tool as a way of selling latch guards. After the owner has seen how quickly you'll unlock the door with this tool, they're going to usually want you to put in a latch guard before you allow.

There are lots of other tools out there that may be more important to actually get the job done, but these tools were chosen by the pros at Columbus Locksmith Pro as those that give you the most “bang for the buck.” 

Any omitted standard hand tools or the more exotic tools are left out because they would require a lot of description. However, if you have issues with your locks and can’t lay hands on any of these tools, the licensed and bonded locksmiths at Columbus Locksmith Pro are ready to help.

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