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August 19 ,2021

Tips for Business Lockout Solutions

Tips for Business Lockout Solutions

Business lockout can cause reputational decline of a company as well as revenue lose. That is why managers and business owners shouldn’t allow the employees or customers to be locked out. They should avoid it like a plague. Whether you are currently in a commercial lockout situation or want to arm yourself with important information for a likely lockout occurrence, you’ll learn different ways to handle business lockouts in this post.

Use a Spare Key 

If you’re locked out of your business as a result of a lost or misplaced key, confirm if a worker or an employee is inside the facility, and see if they can have access to and open the affected door from the inside. 
If that’s not an option, call a nearby employee, worker, the building manager, or any other person with a spare key, If the person with the spare key is temporarily unavailable, you may have to wait for them. if that wouldn’t affect your workers’ productivity and business revenues. In case there are so many things at stake, see the next recommendation.

Pro Tip: Columbus Locksmith Pro encourages giving a spare key only to a trusted employee who can be reached on time in case of a lockout. Otherwise, have one of your business keys discreetly hidden in a lockbox somewhere on the property.

Alternate Entry 

Business lockouts often occur at the main point of ingress, such as the front door. However, in some cases, the front door is not the only entry point to many offices and business structures.

Check if there’s a neighboring unit through which you can access the affected unit from the inside? Even if there are no doors, try to check for secondary entry points such as small windows through which you can crawl inside and have the door unlocked.
If you do manage to find a way into your workplace, perhaps through a vulnerability in the structure, so might a burglar. Therefore, we recommend you call a service professional as fast as possible to help secure the entry point you used.

Call a Commercial Locksmith 

If you have no spare key, can’t find another ingress point, or have a broken lock, you’ll have to contact a service person who is trained and certified to help business lockout-related problems.

This is where a commercial locksmith comes into the picture. Commercial locksmiths receive job training and have hands-on experience to open even higher security locks used in office and other business settings. Without wasting time and resources, these service professionals can get you back into your working space.
Make sure you find a trusted locksmith in your area who can help you get back into your business premises on time. For a competent and trusted commercial locksmith in Dublin, contact Columbus Locksmith Pro today to see if we have a service professional serving customers in your location.


When you’re faced with a commercial lockout, instead of panicking and getting stuck outside of your business for too long, contact anyone with a spare key or find another access point. If you can’t still get into your workplace, then immediately contact a locksmith in your area for professional and quick help. Always keep in mind that Columbus Locksmith Pro has competent service professionals who are always ready to help. Contact us to find out if we offer service in your area.

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