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October 19 ,2020

Things You Need To Know About Rim Locks

Things You Need To Know About Rim Locks

Though rim locks were used in the Colonial Farmhouses, they still add value when it comes to providing basic security and privacy for the internal doors in your property.

Then, what are rim locks?

They are square-shaped locks that were designed to be used at homes and mini offices. The rim lock can only be on the surface of one side of a door. As a homeowner, chances are, you might come across a rim lock at some point without actually knowing what it was. Though you could tell the device was a locking mechanism, it is possible you never thought about the features, internal workings, and the level of protection the lock can offer.

If you’ve been looking for resources on rim locks that may guide your buying decision or you are just curious to know more about the lock, then this blog is for you. We have highlighted some of the important things about rim locks, starting with its installation.

How Rim Locks Are Installed

Rim locks are surface mounted locks that are attached to the surface of a door. The name – rim – actually depicts how the lock is installed not the inner workings or components of the lock. With just some common tools such as a screwdriver and a bit of handyman skill, any homeowner can pull off the installation. But calling a local locksmith in Columbus OH might be necessary if you’re not comfortable fitting the lock on your door.

Components of a Rim Lock

A typical rim lock comprises a body, a keeper, escutcheon plates, and a privacy latch. The body of the lock can be made of either brass and nickel or cast iron. It houses the inner components such as the lock’s spring-loaded latch and deadlock bolt. A keyway also features on the body, while rim locks with sliding latches do have handles or knobs.
The keeper performs the same function as a door strike and plate of a deadbolt lock. It is installed as part of the arrangement to keep the latch and deadlock bolt in place. The escutcheon plates are metal pieces attached to protect the keyhole and rim cylinders and for a decorative accent.
Privacy latch is a security feature that is not present on all rim locks. Manufacturers include this feature on the interior side of the lock to make the lock more secure. When the privacy latch is activated, it prevents the lock from being unlocked with a key from the exterior side unless the privacy latch is disengaged. 

Where Rim Locks are Used

Like we stated earlier, in years past, rim locks were used on entry doors. Now, other types of locks, most especially deadbolts, have replaced them. Though rim locks are gradually fading out of existence, they are still found on many doors. Interior doors are excellent examples of places where you can find them majorly because these doors are less exposed to the same security threats faced by exterior doors. A rim lock can also be installed as a decorative piece especially by homeowners wanting a lock with a vintage look. And with modern replicas of rim locks being introduced into the market, property owners have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Hopefully, this resource on rim locks was helpful. Note that Columbus Locksmith Pro recommends putting a door lock as secure as a deadbolt on your entry door. You can, however, add a rim lock as an additional lock to bolster the security of the primary lock or to add a rustic appearance to your home. 
Have you purchased a rim lock and you’re looking for a local locksmith who can have it installed? Contact us now for immediate assistance and you’ll be glad you did.

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