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March 04 ,2022

Things You Must Never Do With Keys

Things You Must Never Do With Keys

Imagine having an appointment but your car keys suddenly got missing! You will feel so disgusted! At that moment, you'll realize the importance of having a spare and also appreciate the role of keys in our everyday life.

Yes, keys are the only objects that can grant us access to our homes, cars, or offices. Unfortunately, that piece of metal is highly disrespected! We have file cabinets and racks to safeguard documents but can carelessly drop the keys that offer protection. It's high time we change our view about keys. Here, we explained some practices you must avoid when handling your keys.

Do Not Stay for a Lengthy Period Without Replacing Your Locks and Keys

It is a thing of joy moving into a new home or apartment. You will have the opportunity of meeting new people and having exhilarating experiences. However, most homeowners disregard their security until they become a victim of burglary.

If you are not the first tenant, chances are that you may not keep track of the keys. The technicians, babysitters, or interior decorators may have access to your keys and a random person can take advantage to attack you. That is why some homes get burglarized without signs of damage to the locks.

Agreeably, the keys are strong and durable but that does not make them last forever. If you do not maintain or repair your keys, they may bend and become unusable. We recommend frequent lock changes because they become dysfunctional with long-term usage.

Remember, burglars can easily break into homes with old and outdated locks. So you need to continuously evaluate the durability of your keys to ensure that your security system is always intact and to decrease the possibility of an attack.

If it's been so long you updated your security, then this is the right time to start. We will help upgrade your security by installing pick-resistant, high-security locks. Our goal is to ensure burglars and criminals keep a distance from your property.

Stop Keeping Your Keys Under the Doormat

Ideally, some people feel it is safe to keep their keys under the doormat so other members of the family could easily locate them. Try to stop such practices henceforth!


Because the doormat and the top of your window frame are the first spots burglars search when they want to break into any house. Keeping your keys at those places will make it so easy for them to open your door and take whatsoever they desire. Keeping your keys in those spots is an outdated practice.


Install Electronic Locks

Instead of duplicating multiple keys for all the occupants of your house, it is better to install electronic deadbolts. Everyone in the house will have a secret code for opening the locks. No worries about lost or compromised keys and you can change the codes at will.

Keyless entry systems are even a better option. It gives you the chance to open your door remotely as well as keep track of who comes in or goes out.

Contact an Expert for Security Evaluation

Getting expert recommendations from a qualified locksmith about rekeying the right locks for your home is a smart decision. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we will evaluate your security and recommend a lock that will suit your need and budget. Call us today and be glad you did.

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