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June 12 ,2021

Things You Must Do Before Drilling a Lock

Things You Must Do Before Drilling a Lock

Homeowners call locksmiths when they have issues with their security system. They can also call the locksmith when they are unable to gain entry to their homes or offices. Usually, the homeowner experts the technician to start drilling the lock after he arrives. But as professionals, that shouldn't be the first step of action. It should be the last after other options have been exhausted. 
On the other hand, homeowners who cannot wait for the arrival of the locksmith may break the lock in the worst-case scenario. Forceful entry or lock drilling without considering other options is not ideal. 
Meanwhile, lock drilling is the use of a drilling machine to break the lock mechanism of a door to gain access to a property. It is a destructive process as the lock will have to be replaced with a new one. As a homeowner, you have to adhere to the following steps before drilling a lock: 

Lock Picking

If you are dealing with a lock that doesn't have security pins, then you should try raking it first. Raking is done using a lock picking tool that has multiple pins. It is a fast and efficient method of unlocking doors, especially if it is a lock with low security. If the lock does have security pins, a single pin pick (SPP) should be used. SPP is the most effective and accurate means of lock picking, that can work on any kind of lock. 

Bumping the Lock

This process can come before lock picking. It is dependent on the skillset or preference of the homeowner. It is done using a bump key, which is placed properly outside of the lock and it is struck for some time. If this action is done for over a minute without any result, then it should be stopped. Because with a standard bump key, a minute is enough to get positive results. 

Look For another Entry Point

If you can’t pick or bump the lock then check around the building to see that no surrounding window or door is left unlocked. It should be duly confirmed that there is no other way the homeowner can gain access to the building. Once this conclusion has been reached, it's time to contact a nearby locksmith for lock drilling. 

Have an Understanding on the Type of Lock          

Locks differ in design, material, and specification. The locksmith should have an idea of the kind of lock to be drilled. Some locks wouldn't give way easily. For instance, a lock that has anti-drill pins, which is made from hardened steel. The regular drill bits cannot penetrate through this device. Proper understanding of the type of lock will save the technician from unnecessary stress and wasted effort.

Get a Replacement Lock in Place

The drilling of the lock shouldn't begin if there is no replacement. It is unprofessional for the technician to leave the location after drilling the lock without replacing it with a suitable one. This causes a gap in the security of the property. 
Do not panic if you have a lock emergency, rather call Columbus Locksmith Pro for help. Call us today and our locksmith will address your needs in almost an instant.

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