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June 17 ,2022

The Most Secure Type of Locks

The Most Secure Type of Locks

Security is one of the most important aspects of homes and businesses. Many home and business owners employ a variety of security systems to protect lives and properties - from alarms to surveillance cameras and motion detectors. However, locks are the simplest aspect of every security system. They provide the first line of defense against burglars, providing maximum security of lives and assets. So, how do we determine the most secure locks?

The most secure locks are not merely defined by their structure or popularity. The security of a lock is determined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which assigns a security rating to all locks. According to their rating system, locks are rated between Grade 1 to Grade 3, based on their strength and security:

Grade 1 Locks -

This is the highest lock rating. Grade 1 locks are considered the most secure and common in industrial buildings with heavy traffic or the need to secure assets. Grade 1 locks are slowly finding application in residential homes. However, they are limited in design and style, and their emphasis is on strength and security.

Grade 2 Locks -

These are primarily residential locks. They are not as tough as the grade 1 locks, but they provide adequate security for residential purposes. Grade 2 locks are not suitable for industrial purposes. However, their fashion and design suit perfectly for residential use.

Grade 3 Locks -

These are the lowest-rated locks and the least expensive. They provide a certain level of protection but are not the best option if maximum security is what you are looking for, as they fail at the application of force.

What are the Most Secure Locks?

There are different types of locks, so it will be challenging to say exactly which is the most secure, but thanks to the ANSI rating, you can be sure the locks mentioned below offer excellent security.

Schlage B60 N 626 Deadbolt

Schlage is one of the oldest brands of locks. Their products offer excellent protection, and its  Schlage B60 N 626 lock is no exception. It is suitable for front doors and exterior entrances requiring style and security. Designed with the industry's most advanced 1-inch deadbolt with hardened steel pins, drill-resistant plates, and pick-resistant pins to help prevent attacks. Schlage B60 N 626 deadbolt is one of the residential locks with a high-security Grade 1 rating.

Mul-T-Lock ‎008J-MD1-D Lock

The Mul-T-Lock ‎008J-MD1-D lock is a grade 2 rating lock. It is a go-to option when the budget is an issue. It is designed to offer a cost-effective security option with its durable steel design has proven time and again to be impenetrable to an intruder.

August Smart Lock Pro

The August smart lock pro is a retrofit lock designed to be installed with a deadbolt, replacing the deadbolt's thumb turn side. It is suitable for residential and commercial purposes as it logs entry and exit records, which you can access on your smartphone. This smart lock features automatic locking parameters, including geofencing, which allows the use of virtual and electronic keys that you can share with friends and family to allow access. The August smart lock pro allows remote access so that you can control your lock anywhere.


Security is the top concern for most customers. For this, the lock type is not all that matters, and the door must also be compatible with the lock. Expert locksmiths can be a great resource in choosing the best lock, and Columbus Locksmith Pro is more than willing to help. We provide consultation services to help you choose the most suitable locks for your home and business. We also offer repair, installation, and rekeying services.

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