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May 03 ,2023

The Best Window Locks to Secure Your Home

The Best Window Locks to Secure Your Home

One of the ways to protect your property is by ensuring the window locks are working effectively. Windows usually come with different types of locks. However, if you need an extra layer of security, you might need additional locks for safety purposes. Here are the perfect kinds of locks you can install to secure your home.

Folding Lock

You can mostly see folding locks in casement window frames. When the folding lock is turned down, it locks the lashes and, when turned up, releases the locks. 


The window latch works with a simple locking mechanism. The two lashes must come together for the window to lock. The latch holds the lashes in place. A latch might close the door effectively, but it is not a robust lock. 

Window Pin Lock

This type of lock is also used on casement windows. The Window pin lock has two parts, connecting to the frame and the lash. The lock uses a chain to connect the two parts, locking the window. 

Window Wedge

There are different types of Window wedges used nowadays. They are flexible, and the homeowner can adjust the window to their taste from the inside.

Keyed Locks

Keyed locks use a key to open and close the window. They are found in sliding windows and single and double-hung windows and are more robust than latch locks. 

Sliding Window Lock

Sliding window locks come with adjustable pins that slide open and close in the window track. This helps to control the extent the window can open. They are usually less expensive and easy to use. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks are high-security locks that use code to unlock the window. You can monitor your window remotely from your phone. Smart locks come with sensors that send you signals if anyone tries to open the window. 

Selecting the Appropriate Lock for Your Window

Before selecting the type of lock, speak to a professional locksmith. They are in the proper position to advise you on the most suitable lock to install.

The Different Lock Grades

These locks come in different grades, each providing various degrees of security. For added security, you can combine different grades to get maximum protection.

  • Grade 3

Starting with the basic among them is the grade three lock. These locks are less expensive and protect the home before you install a more sophisticated one, like grades two and three.

  • Grade 2

A grade two lock is of higher quality than grade one and will protect your home. Even though it's not the highest quality, it will lock your window well.

  • Grade 1

A lock that is grade one is made with high quality and sophistication. These locks are resistant to picking and tough to break in, although they are expensive. If you want high-quality lock installation, grade-one locks will do you good.


One of the essential things you should do is to properly install your window locks as soon as you get them. Locks usually come with a manual for installation and repairs.

At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we offer all kinds of window lock installations, including high-quality lock installation. We have trained technicians and the right tools to fix your locks. Contact us today to enjoy quality locksmith services.

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