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February 01 ,2023

The Advantages of Using A Keypad Lock

The Advantages of Using A Keypad Lock

With advancement in technology, numerous options are available for enhancing a property's security. However, keypad locks have become popular today due to their unique combination of effectiveness, functionality, and convenience. They provide a high level of security, as they cannot be picked or bypassed, and they allow easy access using a unique code. We want to let you know more about keypad locks and their benefits in your homes or business.

What is a Keypad Lock?

A keypad lock is a type of lock that is opened by entering a combination code on a numeric keypad. Keypad locks offer a convenient and secure solution for locking and unlocking doors, safes, and other items. They offer an alternative to traditional mechanical locks and can be convenient for their keyless operation. Using a combination code or biometric recognition makes them keyless, eliminating the need for carrying physical keys and reducing the risk of lost or stolen kewith more so, some keypad locks can store multiple codes, making it possible to grant access to various people without the need for additional keys.

Benefits Of Using A Keypad Lock

  • Convenience

Keypad locks eliminate the need to carry physical keys and make it easier to lock and unlock doors, safes, or other items that need to be secured. Some designs often have a backlit keypad, to enable users enter the combination code even in low-light conditions.

  • Increased Security

Keypad locks offer increased security compared to traditional locks as they can be programmed with a unique combination code that only authorized users know. This makes it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to a locked area. Keypad locks also have features such as auto-locking, which automatically locks the door after a set period, adding an extra layer of security. It can also be programmed to temporarily disable access for a specified time. With such features, users can revoke access in case of lost or stolen codes.

  • Flexibility

Keypad locks offer great flexibility in terms of granting access to multiple people. By storing multiple codes, various individuals can access a locked area without needing multiple physical keys. This is especially convenient in situations where multiple people need access to a locked area, such as in a shared office or rental property. Furthermore, keypad lock installation allows codes to be programmed with expiration dates.

  • No Loss of Keys

By eliminating the need for physical keys, keypad locks reduce the risk of lost or stolen keys, which can compromise the security of a locked area. However, because the combination code can be changed easily, it's simple to revoke access for individuals who are no longer part of the organization. This added security makes keypad locks a popular choice for homes, offices, and other areas that need to be secure.


It is worthwhile to switch to keypad locks, particularly if you are interested in increasing the safety of your house or business. For assistance in selecting the right keypad locks to install, Columbus Locksmith Pro is one call away. We provide various locksmith services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance for locks in homes and businesses. Contact us today.

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