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April 13 ,2023

Teaching Your Children About Lock Safety

Teaching Your Children About Lock Safety

The reality is your little lad will get matured someday and ready to take on some responsibilities. When they start communicating effectively, an important topic you should constantly talk about is your home's security. It would help if you teach your kids about safety tips, especially in the case of an emergency, so that they can start practicing ahead.

During the home security sessions, always highlight about lock safety. Therefore, in this article, we will look at some aspects of lock security you should always talk about.

Interior Locks

There is no better place to start home security education than the interior locks of the home. Start by teaching your kids about the locks inside the house. Demonstrate the opening and lock process, and ask them to do it. Make sure they practice this for a while so that it sticks. Also, you should accompany the training with certain house rules for locking doors, such as, "They shouldn't lock others inside a room."

More so, bring up emergency issues such as a door lock jamming or an intruder gaining entry into the property. This is to help them prepare ahead for these unforeseen situations. Although these discussions might seem difficult because you don't want to scare your child, you must have them early. Such topics will help you create a safe haven for your family even at your absence.

External Entry Point Locks

Once they are conversant with the workings of the internal door, move to the locks of external access points. Now, this lesson can be longer than the first one if there are many external entry points. Because some entry points often use different lock types, which means there is a unique process of opening and locking the doors. So, your kid has to learn about each of them.

Here are critical topics you about external entry points:

Doors and Windows:

Teach your kid how to properly latch a door or window. The function of a knob lock and deadbolt in securing a door. Demonstrate how you expect them to lock each door after entry or exit. The right things to do during broken or window emergencies.

Spare Keys:

Teach your kids;

  • Where the spare keys are located and the doors they unlock
  • The confidentiality and importance of sharing the spare key info
  • How to properly handle the keys to avoid damaging or losing them

All these will help them handle lock emergencies.

Smart Locks:

Your kids should be taught about smart technology, such as the high-security lock installation in the house and what they do. They should know where the outdoor cameras are located, the security systems in use and the codes they need to know about, and the steps to take if the alarms go off.

Garage Doors

Different types of garage doors entails varying methods of operation. As a parent, you should know the risks involved in operating a garage door and sliding gates which include serious injuries or death if the garage door malfunctions.

Discuss and possibly demonstrate all the methods used to open and close the garage door, from keypads to remote entry. If you have had a locksmith install sensors, show your kid why blocking the sensors will prevent the door from closing properly. Thus, they understand the importance of ensuring that the garage door is fully closed before they walk away from it.

However, contact Columbus Locksmith Pro for high-security lock installation and maintenance.

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