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March 12 ,2022

Simple Ways to Secure Your Luggage While Flying

Simple Ways to Secure Your Luggage While Flying

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, over 1.4 million bags are lost every year while on transit. And it does not seem the numbers will reduce anytime soon. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you secure your bag against theft and mishandling when traveling. 

Gone are the days when we leave our luggage with baggage handlers and service agents without being scared of theft. That is why you have to ‘grab’ the tips in the resource to help you secure your luggage while traveling.                             

Invest in a Quality Bag 

Travelers tend to take other security measures to keep their luggage secure but they forget to pay attention to the material their bags are made of. Traveling with bags made of fabric and zippers is a clear way to attract thieves. The fabric bag can easily be torn or the zipper punctured. There’s a technique commonly used in airport security where a ball-pointed pen is placed at the stem of the zipper track/teeth, the pen is pushed inside and run through the zip track to open the bag. It is usually employed by airport security during inspections but can also be used by anyone else. 

Unfortunately, this method is so smooth that you won’t suspect that your bag has been opened until you get home. So the need to invest in a hard material bag with hasps. The hasps can resist any form of pen puncture that may be attempted. 

Use a Proper Lock 

Although using a TSA-approved lock is compulsory, we would advise you to take extra precautions by adding a rugged padlock alongside the TSA-approved lock. Baggage handlers have universal keys that can open TSA-approved locks and may attempt to open your luggage if there’s no additional lock. Besides, the TSA-approved locks are made of thin shackles that can easily be compromised. Ensure you invest in quality, rugged locks to keep your luggage secure.

Attach a Luggage Tag

Most travelers struggle to locate their bags at the arrival terminal because they fail to label them at the point of departure. The least experience for any traveler is to misplace the luggage. It is even worse when you carry another bag at the arrival terminal. Make sure to attach a luggage tag to your bags, and keep an extra luggage tag with you in case ownership issues come up.

Don’t Use Designer Bags 

While it is good to showcase your class, it is better to get all your luggage in one piece. Traveling with designer bags attracts attention to the owner including criminals. Criminals target expensive bags because they believe expensive and valuable items would likely be inside. We recommend you use normal and quality bags when traveling rather than designer bags. And if you have to travel with some designer bags, keep them safe in normal hard bags. 

Be Alert 

Even after all these precautions have been taken, remain alert throughout the flight. If possible, make sure to keep an eye on your luggage. For extra protection, you can decide to wrap your bags up using one of the baggage wrapping services available at the airport. 

Traveling is inevitable, so the best way to make traveling bearable at the very least is to keep your bags secure. If you need any assistance from a locksmith, be assured that the experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro are always available to help. Call us today.

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