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December 02 ,2020

Signs of a Locksmith Scam

Signs of a Locksmith Scam

Unfortunately, many situations can put you into the hands of an illegitimate locksmith. But you’re more likely to become a victim of a locksmith scam when you are faced with an emergency. For example, if you are locked out of your home or car, you probably wouldn’t feel like sitting down and start researching and comparing different locksmiths out there. You’d likely pick up your phone, search online for a locksmith in your area, and call any locksmith on the list. 
But you have to understand that scammers take advantage of people when they are desperate for help. These scammers will often do all that they can to appear as legitimate as possible. Therefore, identifying good locksmiths from bad ones might not come easy.
At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we want to help you understand how locksmith scammers operate and how you can protect yourself. So, we want to expose you to a couple of signs to look out for when hiring a locksmith.

Extremely Cheap Quote

While it’s a good thing to save money, be careful of locksmiths who price their services ridiculously low. They often do this to lure in unsuspecting victims. At times, the low quote you get over the phone or see on their ad only covers the service call. In some way, these locksmith scammers will make you pay more when they are at your place.
To protect yourself, simply find another locksmith and check if the quote offered by a local locksmith is way below the industry standards. Do not try to convince yourself that you are fortunate to get such a good deal.

Don’t Accept Credit Card

Because it’s easier to trace credit card transactions, a scammer might insist on getting paid with cash. Note, however, that some good locksmiths may prefer cash payment.
Whether you’re paying with cash or your card, demand, from your locksmith, an itemized invoice containing how much you paid and for what items. Don’t forget to check that the invoice has their business name and address on it. Disputing a charge becomes easy when there’s payment proof.

No Identification

A legitimate locksmith should not have any problem showing you their identity upon request. If a locksmith doesn’t have a valid ID, send them away and find someone else to do your job. Also, established locksmiths move around in uniforms and clearly marked vans. Take note of those too. Overall, don’t forget that you’re letting in a stranger into your home, business, or car. It’s your duty to verify if they are truly what they said they are – a legitimate locksmith.

Lock Drilling

To sell you their so-called highly secured lock, an illegitimate locksmith might claim that opening your door is impossible and insist on drilling the old lock. What’s even more disturbing is that the “extra-secure” advertised by these scammers are, in reality, cheap and regular locks. 
Understand that experienced locksmiths have the required skills and tools to pick and open any type of lock. They wouldn’t insist on drilling your lock and replacing it with a new one just to make more money at your expense. 


Regardless of how urgent you need a locksmith, be aware of the above red flags and recognize them when they rear their ugly head. This way, you’ll safeguard yourself and your property from locksmith scammers. Are you looking for a trusted, dependable, and established locksmith? Contact us now at Columbus Locksmith Pro. Our licensed and insured locksmith will definitely have something to offer you.

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