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September 16 ,2022

Security Levels of Door Locks

Security Levels of Door Locks

Door locks are essential; they provide your family with the privacy you need and protect them against intruders. Nobody wants to make compromises when it comes to door locks, but the majority of people lack the information necessary to choose the most secure door locks for their homes.

There are various types of locks, each with its advantages. Hence, it is important to grasp the differences between door locks and those that provide the highest protection level to make the best choice.

Security Levels of Locks

When searching for a lock to secure your home and business, the level of security is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Various factors may influence the security of a door lock; the lock's mechanism, the materials it is constructed of, the inherent difficulty of bypassing the lock, and the lock's tamper-resistance.

The right way to determine the security level of a lock is to consider ANSI grades. Locks are graded according to their degree of security and ability to resist common attacks by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). An ANSI grade will help you evaluate a lock's level of security. Furthermore, they distinguish between high-security locks that are more expensive but more effective against attacks and low-security locks that can be used in low-risk situations. Let’s consider the different security levels of locks.

ANSI Grade I

ANSI Grade 1 locks are the safest locks on the market. They are used in high-security commercial settings, such as banks and offices. Currently, residential neighborhoods are demanding for such locks as home security requirements have expanded. In addition to being extremely difficult to pick or break, these locks are also resistant to tampering.

A Grade 1 lock is the strongest and most expensive lock available. It is recommended that you look for an ANSI Grade 1 lock with at least five pins to ensure that it is burglary-proof and can withstand bumping attempts.

ANSI Grade 2

ANSI Grade 2 door locks provide excellent protection for homes. Although they are not the most secure locks, they are more secure than regular door locks but unsuitable for commercial structures. Grade 2 locks are designed to meet the requirements of most apartment buildings, making them harder to break into. Despite their lack of anti-pick and anti-bump security measures, most homeowners prefer them when they require a product that will last and won't break down easily.

ANSI Grade 2 locks remain an excellent choice for those who want to enhance their home's security at a reasonable price.

ANSI Grade 3

Grade 3 ANSI door locks are the least secure of the three ANSI door lock grades. While these devices provide a certain level of protection, they aren't the best option if you're seeking maximum security, as they fail at the application of force. They are designed so it is impossible to open them without a key. However, the locks do not protect against lock picking or bumping.


It is important to consider the level of security that is required when purchasing door locks for your home or business. A lock with a higher ANSI grade satisfies stricter requirements and protects against a greater number of possible attacks or breaches than one with a lower ANSI grade. Choosing the right lock may require the help of a professional locksmith, and Columbus Locksmith Pro is more than happy to assist. If you need assistance choosing locks for your home or business, we can provide free consultation services. Additionally, we offer high-security door lock installation, rekeying, and repair.

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