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February 19 ,2022

Security Issues in Old Properties

Security Issues in Old Properties

Older homes are characterized by their unique look, charm, and durability. These factors often influence a buyer's decision to invest in an older home. However, the majority of homeowners in older houses or who bought their homes are unaware of the efficiency of their security systems. It is no wonder that experienced burglars have an easier time breaking into old homes with outdated security systems.

Buying an old house could be a good investment; nevertheless, you need to know what security issues that are prevalent before making an offer. To assist prospective homebuyers in purchasing an old home, we have listed some security issues to look out for in old properties.

Old Locks

Old homes are characterized mainly by old antique locks, with aesthetically pleasing designs that complement the property, completing its tag as an "old house." While these locks may look attractive and add to the character of the house, they do not offer much security.

These old locks may have offered security in the past. However, they are no match for the advanced lock picking tools employed by burglars today. In addition, the effect of wear-and-tear and the action of rain, dust, and snow have further weakened the mechanism of the locks, making them unfit as a security accessory.

Therefore, it is important to hire the services of a competent locksmith such as Columbus Locksmith Pro, to help you replace all defective locks and also offer high-security lock installation for your new home.

Outdated Electrical Systems

Recent innovative security systems require modern-day wiring. Many old properties do not have the required electrical systems to allow the easy integration of modern security systems. As such, an overhaul of these outdated wiring fits and electrical systems is required to guarantee the integration and functionality of advanced smart home security systems.

Defective Garage Doors

If you are looking to purchase a house, you need to pay attention to its garage doors. An old garage door may pose a threat to the overall security of your home. In most cases, antique homes come with old garage doors that have not been serviced for a very long time. Even if these garage doors were to be made operational, their lock systems are outdated or are connected to a door with a defective lock that connects directly into the building.

With garage doors being a favorite point of entry for burglars, a theft-proof garage door is a huge relief for any new homeowner. Hence, changing or upgrading garage doors of old properties.

Insufficient Lighting

Many old properties lack proper outdoor lighting, leaving many dark areas around the house. Poor lighting sends an invitation to intruders as they can break into the house undetected. You can install motion sensor lights around the dark spots in the house to increase security and ward off intruders.


Buying a house, especially an old property, is not like the usual grocery shopping! You must take time to inspect the home thoroughly to ensure it requires lesser work and money to make it safe and conducive. Besides considering the security of the property, it is important to employ the services of a reputable locksmith like Columbus Locksmith Pro to analyze the lock repair and installations requirements of the property and proffer solutions for better security.

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