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October 28 ,2022

Rekeying Locks Cost

Rekeying Locks Cost

Locks provide significant security for homes and businesses; their reinforced parts and extra security features make them an important security accessory. However, locks can become damaged, compromised, or need to be upgraded, and many have opted to change their locks to newer ones because they lost their keys.

Rather than change the locks, many do not know they have an alternative of rekeying locks. One common misconception about rekeying locks is the cost. Some car owners are unsure of the associated cost, and others think it is an overly expensive procedure. But, this is a narrow perspective. Money, time, and security are all factors to consider when determining costs. In this article, we will consider the cost to rekey locks and the factors that influence it.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Rekeying Locks

The cost of rekeying locks can be determined by considering the factors that affect the cost. Below are a few factors that influence the cost of rekeying locks.

The Number of Locks

The number of locks that must be rekeyed significantly impacts the cost of rekeying locks. When rekeying locks, the cost is directly proportional to the number of locks to be rekeyed. Rekeying four locks will usually cost four times more than rekeying one lock. Furthermore, most homeowners will usually want to rekey multiple locks, and each lock may be rekeyed differently to allow separate keys to unlock them. Hence, each unique lock rekeying will attract individual costs.

The Complexity of the Lock

The cost to rekey locks is mostly determined by the sophistication of the lock itself. Typically, the lock type will determine the amount of time required to rekey it and if additional components or expertise is required. Because every lock is unique, the cost to rekey locks for a normal pin tumbler lock may vary significantly from the cost to rekey a high-security mortise lock.

Variation of Each Lock

The variable nature of the locks is also important in lock rekeying. This factor is significantly distinct from the complexity of the locks. Many homeowners utilize different locks to build the base of their home security. This indicates that there is a significant likelihood that each lock in their home is unique and has a distinct function.

For instance, if you have deadbolt locks installed on your front doors, you may not have them installed on your bedroom and bathroom doors. Hence, rekeying costs will increase if you want to rekey all locks in your home.

Final Notes

Agreeably, from the reasons given above lock rekeying is a much cheaper alternative to replacement. It offers the advantage of altering your lock mechanism without completely changing the lock or causing damage to your door. Also, as discussed above, the cost of rekeying your locks may differ based on certain factors.

While it is true that there are scam locksmiths that charge exorbitant fees, Columbus Locksmith Pro is one that you can trust. Our reputation speaks for us, as we have provided affordable service to many happy clients. So do you have a lock rekey need? Contact us today.

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