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May 05 ,2022

Reasons Why You Need A Motorcycle Locksmith

Reasons Why You Need A Motorcycle Locksmith

When a home or vehicle owner experiences a challenge with the security system, calling a locksmith becomes as easy as ordering a pizza! However, accepting the role of a locksmith for motorcycles sounds strange to would-be owners. Probably, they wonder what exactly a motorcycle locksmith can do when they have issues with their system.

In this article, you will learn about the services a motorcycle locksmith has to offer. Whether you have a power bike, chopper, or dirt bike, a motorcycle locksmith can cater to your needs and fix most issues on site. Here are a couple of reasons you may need the attention of a motorcycle locksmith.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

Every new motorcycle comes with a spare key. Despite that, the factory-made keys tend to be soft and bend easily and so you need a motorcycle locksmith to make a more reliable motorcycle key. If your keys go missing, your locksmith can also make a new key without the original.

Key Extraction

If your motorcycle ignition lock is rusty, it could get stuck inside soon! Irrespective of the brand, keys can get stuck at the ignition. Contact a dependable locksmith from the Columbus Locksmith Pro to extract your key from the ignition lock and get it replaced.

Broken Helmet Lock

If your helmet lock is broken, get it fixed soon to avoid paying a ticket. There are tools required to open a broken helmet lock. You may not have all the tools. For that reason, it is necessary to get a motorcycle locksmith. They have all the tools in their toolbox.

The Motorcycle Padlock Does Not Open

Some motorcycle riders take security a notch higher than others. Although padlocks provide extra security for your bike, they may develop issues over time. Whether the key stops working or the padlock breaks entirely, a motorcycle locksmith can either fix or replace the padlock with a brand that is more secure and of a higher quality.

Broken Ignition

With the constant use of your bike, the ignition may get broken. Your key might not turn in the ignition or be stuck inside, most times, this can appear to be a key issue. If the key works on the gas cap and bag locks but does not work on the ignition then it is an indication that your ignition is faulty and not the key. For this, you need to contact a competent locksmith to check properly so you can be sure of the actual problem.

Seat Locks Not Working

Sometimes, your motorcycle seat locks might stop working. This might happen to all kinds of locks – factory seat locks, aftermarket, or custom seat locks. No need to worry because the locksmith can open it fast.

Difficulty in Opening Motorcycle Wheel Locks

It is good to add that additional protection to your motorcycle. At least, it will scare away criminals. However, if the motorcycle wheel locks can’t open, do not try any DIY option. You can end up damaging the wheel of your bike. Rely on a locksmith to fix this.

Stuck Motorcycle Bag Locks

It is pretty easy for the saddlebags lock to damage. Once you notice an anomaly with the lockable bags, call a locksmith.

Unable to Open the Gas Cap Lock

Issues with your gas tank should be regarded as an emergency. If you are locked out of your gas tank, try using your ignition key. In case it is not working, then the problem is your gas tank lock. A locksmith from Columbus Locksmith Pro can fix it ASAP.


These and more are reasons you need a motorcycle locksmith. Whatever the case may be, you have to always rely on the expertise of a locksmith to fix the locks of your motorbike.

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