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December 29 ,2021

Reasons Why Tesla’s Are The Most Secure Cars Ever Made

Reasons Why Tesla’s Are The Most Secure Cars Ever Made

Some people make their buying decision based on a vehicle's top-gear acceleration and maximum speed. However, a few ask questions or are concerned about safety while driving a luxury or speedy car. 

But the users and followers of Tesla are not perturbed about safety because they understand that Tesla’s vehicles are the safest on the road. Yes, in recent times, the electric car manufacturer has won the highest safety award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) 

Model 3, Model S, and Model X achieved a 5-star rating in every category of NHTSA's crash tests. Also, their cars are rated as having the lowest probability of injury to passengers! 

Tesla is changing the landscape when it comes to safety standards and they are not stopping anytime soon. Though a visionary engineer and entrepreneur - Elon Musk owns the company, they hired industry-leading engineers, designers, and programmers. 

To prove that Teslas' stellar safety ratings are not exaggerated, we did an in-depth research on the defining factors and below are the findings. 

Safety is the Priority!

David Zuby, chief research officer of IIHS, granted an interview after the safety award to Tesla, he said "The automakers are doing well, providing state-of-the-art safety technology in their vehicles." 

Electric cars are safer than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles because their center of gravity is rightly positioned. This gives electric cars an undue advantage in safety categorization. However, Tesla cars are on a different level based on safety. For example, the Model 3 is designed with an extremely low 'polar moment of inertia', Which means the vehicle will easily turn to the side and redirect the energy impact rather than allowing it to affect the passenger cabin. So when compared to other cars, a low center of gravity reduces its risk of rolling over, passengers in a car made by Tesla would be safer in an equal impact. 

Crash Safety

Teslas' performance is highly impressive in all independent safety/crash tests. One of the factors that give Tesla an edge over other vehicles is the floor-mounted battery. Depending on the Tesla car, the average weight of those batteries is from eight hundred to a thousand pounds. The batteries balance the center of gravity for most EV cars and reduce the chances of a rollover if there is a collision.

Instead of using metal roofing, Tesla’s vehicles are designed with glass roofs. To a nonprofessional, the glass will provide less protection if there is an accident. But that is a different scenario for Tesla cars. Using Model 3 as an example, the roof is made of two layers of hardened glass laminated with a thermoplastic. The hardened glass is stiffer than the thin sheet-metal roof and will provide more protection to passengers.

Frontal Collision

Another advantage of Tesla cars is the Ample crumple zones. This latest crash safety technology helps the car to absorb the impact when there is a hit. Furthermore, the Ample crumple zone which is an aspect of the frontal collision technology, is made possible because of the absence of an internal combustion engine in the front of a Tesla.

Additionally, there are energy-absorbing side sills that act as side-impact to also protect passengers.

Ready to Give Tesla a Try?

As everyone wants to enjoy a jolly-speedy-ride, it is good to get the safest car on earth – Tesla.

However, no matter the technology behind a vehicle design, you might get locked out when you least expect. Call licensed locksmiths from Columbus Locksmith Pro for car key replacement and will send a professional to your location.

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