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January 30 ,2021

Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Nearly half of all active cyclists have had their experience of attempted theft. But if your bike is well protected from thieves, you’ll save the money, time, and save yourself the stress of extensive search.
But it can be hard to protect your two-wheel investment from theft if you are unaware of how to do so. This is why the experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro developed this article to equip you with ways to prevent your bike from being hoisted into the back of a van.
Before getting to these motorcycle theft prevention tips, don’t forget that we have locksmith professionals who can help upgrade your motorcycle lock. 
Apart from auto locksmith services, we also have professionals who specialize in commercial and residential locksmith in Columbus OH. Contact us for an immediate service or to learn more about what we can do for you.

House Your Motorcycle

A bike is more attractive to thieves when its owner isn’t around or watching. Therefore, put your motorcycle in your garage and lock it up.
If you’re pressed for space in your garage, a little organization and cleaning can help make available the needed space. 
If your home has no garage, consider keeping your two-wheel investment in your house. Don’t forget to place underneath the bike a pan, tarp, or something to contain fuel leaks.

Be On the Lookout

Ensure to park your motorcycle somewhere close by when you’re not around. For example, if you’re in a restaurant, park right in front of the restaurant and sit next to the window. 
Do not forget to add a steering lock as an additional layer of protection. Although modern-day criminals are adept and can defeat steering locks, you will more likely be able to stop a thief before driving off your bike.

Ground Your Motorcycle to an Immovable Object

To be realistic, there are times when you’ll have no option other than to be away from your bike. During cases like this, lock your motorcycle to a stationary immovable object using a strong chain and lock that will be difficult to break with a bolt cutter. 
If you can’t find a fixed structure around the parking space, then park your motorcycle where others parked theirs. We suggested this option for two reasons. First, with your bike amidst other motorcycles, yours is less of a target. Second, more bikes often mean heavy foot traffic around the parking space, and don’t forget that thieves are deterred by a crowd.

Use Different Locks

To prevent your motorcycle from being wheeled away, put a D lock on the front wheel. Apply a grip lock to protect the throttle and brake controls. Don’t forget to add a disk lock to the front brake disk. Using multiple locks in addition to your motorcycle or motor scooter's built-in lock will help send a signal to a potential thief that they should look for another victim. 
Though not impossible, it will be much harder and take more time for a thief to defeat multiple locks. And fortunately, many thieves don’t have much time on their side to carry out their deeds.
Do you want to invest in a highly secured bike lock? Contact us at Columbus Locksmith Pro for expert lock recommendations and installation. We have locksmith experts with years of experience helping auto owners, including bike riders, protect their bike investment from thieves. To discover how we can help you, contact us today.

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