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October 28 ,2021

Motorcycle Security Tips

Motorcycle Security Tips

The sudden hike in the rate of motorcycle theft is enough reason for bikers to take more safety measures in securing their motorcycles. According to an FBI report, over 188,550 motorcycles were stolen between 2007 and 2011. The number dramatically increased to about 2 million motorcycles in 2019.

However, the two most common reasons people steal motorcycles are; joyriding and breaking down for parts. Leaving your motorcycle unsecured makes it an easy target for thieves. With a few security measures, you can make your motorcycle less attractive and difficult to steal.

How You Can Prevent Motorcycle Theft

When it comes to protecting your motorcycle from thieves, general awareness and common sense are important intellectual resource. However, these basics are not enough to ensure the safety of your motorcycle. You will need to invest in some preventative security tools.

Here are a few motorcycle security tips you can employ to protect your motorcycle from thieves:

Use a Grip Lock

Otherwise known as brake lever locks, grip locks are often attached to the front brake lever of a motorcycle. Once installed, the grip lock clamps the front brake of your motorcycle, hence, preventing it from rolling. Once you have purchased a good grip lock from a affordable locksmith company like Columbus Locksmith Pro, all you need to do is lock your motorcycle with the key that accompanied the device.

While grip locks can be defeated, installing them makes stealing your motorcycle a more difficult task for thieves. Some grip locks are also armed with amazing alarm features.

Get a Disc Lock

Purchasing and installing a disc lock is one of the motorcycle security tips you can employ to protect your bike from thieves. If any attempt is made to move your motorcycle while the disc lock is installed, the lock will hit the caliper. Hence, preventing the disc of your motorcycle from spinning completely.

You can take your security measure up a notch by purchasing a U-style disc lock with an alarm feature from any reliable locksmith like Columbus Locksmith Pro. You can also immobilize your motorcycle by passing the disc lock through your motorcycle’s rear sprocket.

Use a Motorcycle Cover

Using a motorcycle cover does more than keeping it dry and clean. It hides your motorcycle from public eyes. If your motorcycle cover is long enough, a typical bike thief may not know what you have hidden under it. If they do, they most likely won’t get to see the brand and features of your motorcycle. Hence, looking less attractive to most bike thieves.

When getting a motorcycle cover, we recommend you go for the plain ones. Avoid covers that advertise your motorcycle brand. When it comes to using motorcycle covers to protect your bike from thieves, stealth must be your objective.

Bottom Line

Protecting your motorcycle from thieves requires more than common sense and awareness. You need to invest in preventative security measures to keep your bike safe. While most of the motorcycle security tips listed above can be bypassed or defeated, they make stealing your bike more difficult for thieves.

Get in contact with Columbus Locksmith Pro whenever you need expert services. Our services are tailored to give you extra confidence in your home security.

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