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April 19 ,2023

Mechanical vs. Electronic Commercial Safe Locks

Mechanical vs. Electronic Commercial Safe Locks

The two most popular locks used for commercial buildings are mechanical and electronic. The quality and main features of these locks are different. One may suit better for a season than the other. For example, you will appreciate mechanical locks in damp weather more than their electronic counterparts. 

In this article, professional locksmiths at Columbus Locksmith Pro will showcase the difference between mechanical and electronic keys. You will also learn more about their features to help you make informed decisions.                                                                                                                       

Mechanical VS Electronic Safe Locks

Below are features of electronic and mechanical locks, plus their comparison.

Sophisticated Security Features

  • Electronic Locks

The security systems embedded in electronic locks are sophisticated as they provide high-level security to the property. Some extra security features include the anti-manipulation lock, alarm connection, dual lock, time delay, and audit trails. 

  • Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks lack any of these sophisticated security features. 


All these advanced security features make electronic locks super safe for commercial buildings and secure them against criminals.


  • Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have many advanced features, and the price is high due to what they have to offer. Using electronic locks can be expensive if you are on a small budget. 

  • Mechanical Locks

If you are on a tight budget, mechanical locks will do it. They are affordable and work for small-budget businesses.


Electronic locks have different price tags depending on the make, but the price is usually higher than mechanical locks, which are more affordable.

Code Management

Electronic code comes with a flexible and simple interface. You can change the codes at intervals and for specific needs. For example, a person can use the code for a given period or during business hours only, after which you must change it. The electronic system allows a master code to be set to allow only administrative personnel to change or reset the codes.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks only use one code, and the combination codes are hard to change except with the help of a locksmith. 


With electronic locks comes the flexibility of changing locks to suit specific needs. You can have multiple codes, which allows for code management. In contrast, mechanical locks use a common code. It is difficult to change the codes, especially if you can't remember. They can only be changed using the help of a locksmith in Dublin, OH.

Mode of Operation 

  • Electronic locks Operation

Operating an electronic safe is quick and easy. Electronic safes offer safe opening, and you can use a code to unlock the safe. In addition, it also comes with an override key which you can use in case the battery dies or an electronic failure occurs. 

  • Mechanical Locks Operation

Mechanical locks come with a three or four-wheel dial. The mechanical lock also requires code, but you must turn the wheel to input the code here. However, the turning takes time which is not suitable during an emergency. It also has an alternative override key that unlocks the safe if you forget the code. 


Both lock types use override keys for alternative access. However, entering the combination code for electronic codes is faster, while mechanical locks take longer.


  • Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are sophisticated but often short-lived, which usually comes from how you use them. If you are considering electronic locks, you might change them after a decade of usage.

  • Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are strong and can last over a decade while developing faults. This type of lock suits you well if you want long-term use.


Using either a mechanical lock or an electronic safe lock depends on what you want. In comparison, electronic locks have sophisticated features, a user-friendly interface, quick and safe opening, and a flexible code system. Mechanical locks are affordable and long-lasting, a perfect long-term choice even without the advanced features of electronic locks.

So, it all depends on your needs, Call professional service at Columbus Locksmith Pro for all your commercial locksmith needs.

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