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July 29 ,2022

Lost Car Keys: What To Do Now?

Lost Car Keys: What To Do Now?

Nobody ever wants to think about losing their car keys. However, it happens to everybody at some point. No matter how cautious you are, one second of forgetfulness or carelessness is all it takes to lose your car keys.

There was a time when losing your car keys wasn't a big deal. It was easy to get a spare key as you will have stored one in a little box in your bumper. However, as security concerns grew and car keys became more advanced technologically, lost car keys became harder and more expensive to replace.

Nevertheless, we have made a list to help you avoid the panic rush and be sure of what you can do when you lose your car keys.

What to do When You Lose Your Car Keys

Do Not Panic

When you realize you have lost your keys, remain calm and search your immediate surroundings. Panicking is usually the first response to losing your keys, but we advise that you calm down, as it allows you to retrace your steps in your head, hoping that you will remember where you last had your car keys.

Claim Your Car Insurance

Several insurers provide regular key coverage as part of their plans, saving you a great deal of money. Your coverage will depend on your insurance company and your chosen coverage. You may also receive services such as rental cars while your car key is being sorted. However, checking your insurance policy carefully before filing a claim for lost keys is important, as failure to do so may affect your no-claims discount and increase your insurance rate.

Buy New Keys from Your Dealership

Your car dealership is one of the best options to reach out to in replacing your lost keys. A dealership will ensure you get an exact replacement of the previously owned keys. Much more, the new keys will work exactly like the old ones. However, dealerships are expensive and time-consuming, as it takes time to tow your car to them and more time to have it fixed.

Contact a Local Locksmith

An automobile locksmith is usually the quickest option to salvage a lost key situation. It can help create replacement keys for most cars and reprogram smart keys to ensure criminals do not have access to your cars if they find the lost key.

Additionally, automobile locksmiths are mobile. This means they can come to you wherever you are locked out and are cheaper compared to the dealership, which costs more and will require you to tow your car to them for a fix or key replacement.


No one loves the experience of losing your car keys. However, you can prepare for it by having a spare key made long before you ever need it. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, helping our clients promptly is our priority; this is why our team of trained technicians are available round-the-clock for your car key replacement needs. So in case you lose your keys and are locked out of your car, we are just one call away.

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