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August 21 ,2020

Locksmith Tools

Locksmith Tools

In the past, all that a locksmith needs to get by in the locksmith profession are tools like a good set of lock picks for picking door locks, a slim jim for unlocking vehicle doors, and a stethoscope for safecracking. Any locksmith who is equipped with these basic instruments and has the required expertise would fare in the business. 
But nowadays, keys and lock systems are more complex. Electronic keypads, magnetic locks, transponder keys, remote fobs, and other similar lock systems require advanced locksmith tools, making the work of a modern locksmith more difficult.

However, we cannot forget the importance of the greater complexity that modern locksets feature. They play a major role in making people and their belongings more secure. Are you just another auto, home, or business owner who is curious to know the tools used by a locksmith? Below is a rundown of some tools modern locksmiths have in their toolbox. 

Key Extractor

If a key breaks inside a car wafer lock, the extractor is one tool a locksmith will often use to get the broken piece out smoothly without causing further damage to the lock. Hooks and harpoons are the most common forms of key extractors.

Air Pump Wedge

An air pump wedge is first deflated and then slip between the car door and the vehicle’s weather stripping material. Afterward, it is inflated to create an opening wide enough to allow a tool to reach the car’s manual lock mechanism. Of course, several types of this tool are on the market. But a professional locksmith should have a heavy-duty and non-marring wedge to carry out his job efficiently.  

Flat Door Panel Tool

If an air wedge is not usable in a situation perhaps due to a leak on the wedge, a locksmith can use a flat door panel tool to pry open the car door. Instead of getting the door entire panel off, the flat removal tool is slid between the panels to release the clip holding them in place.

Wafer Lock Reader

The wafer lock reader helps a locksmith know the internal configurations of the wafers. First, the equipment helps a locksmith decide on how best to pick the lock. It also assist to determine if the wafers are damaged or not. Although several lock readers are available, ones with built-in cameras are very effective because they provide an image of the internal arrangement of the lock mechanisms.

Lock Picking Set

Rake, hook, and tension wrench are common items found in a lock pick set. In the case of a lockout, a locksmith will use any of these tools in solitary or combination to get you back into your investment or property. 

While modern locksmiths use other tools apart from the ones mentioned above, these are some of the tools a locksmith will have at hand during a service call.
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