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January 29 ,2022

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless Entry Systems

The introduction of keyless entry systems to modern vehicles has helped enhance security. It has also minimized the hassles that come with having to comb through your purse or pocket in search of your car keys. With keyless entry systems, you do not have to struggle with inserting your car key into the keyhole. What are keyless entry systems and what are their benefits?

In this article, we will discuss the things you should know about keyless entry systems.

What are Keyless Entry Systems?

Keyless entry systems come in different forms and operate in different ways. While some keyless entry systems come in form of a biometric scanner, others may come in form of a key fob reader, a keypad, a card, or a touchscreen. This type of security system does not require that you use a key to gain access to your vehicle. However, most cars have a backup keyhole as a backup plan during an electrical malfunction.

While keyless entry systems are often associated with modern cars, you can contact a licensed locksmith service provider like Columbus Locksmith Pro to help upgrade your car entry and security systems. An experienced and skilled locksmith should be able to install a keyless entry system on your car if you require such service.

Easily Access Your Vehicle

Unless during emergencies, keyless entry systems help to eliminate the use of conventional keys to access your car. Some keyless entry systems allow you to open your car door without being too close to your vehicle. For example, you can open your car from fifteen feet away if the access control system in your car uses a key fob reader or a remote.

How Keyless Entry Systems Work

Most keyless entry systems have transponder keys that either unlock or lock a vehicle by emitting unique codes from their controller chips. If the code that is emitted from the controller chip matches that of the receiver in the onboard computer of the car the door lock latch will be released or pulled. Cars with key fob readers often make a beeping sound when a car is locked using its key fob. Since keyless entry systems rely on radio frequency transmissions to function, you can unlock your vehicle from a reasonable distance.

Most key fobs also have buttons that turn off car alarms when triggered and they are perfect for car owners with limited vision.

Fix Your Keyless Entry System with Columbus Locksmith Pro

One of the standout benefits of keyless entry systems is that they are convenient. However, there are times that they develop faults and you might have a problem unlocking and locking your car. This is where a skilled and experienced locksmith service provider comes in.

At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we have a reliable team of certified locksmiths with the experience and skill sets needed for the repair of any form of keyless entry system and other locksmith services. Give us a call now!

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