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August 27 ,2022

How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

If your living space features sliding glass doors, one of the most glaring advantages must be the amount of natural light it receives. Sliding doors welcome the outdoors into your home, bringing in sunshine, breathtaking views of lush landscapes, or relaxing views of snow-covered terrain. An open sliding door also allows fresh air into your home. However, these sliding doors can also provide easy entry to your home if they are not adequately secured and allow criminals or attackers to see inside. This article gives a simple guide on how to secure your sliding glass door.

Guide to Securing Your Sliding Doors

Install a Sliding Door Lock

Sliding door locks are the most effective way to secure your sliding doors. Locks for sliding glass doors are mounted on the top of the door, where stationary and sliding glass meet. The locks work in conjunction with the door locks and can only be unlocked by adults or children over three feet tall. Door locks prevent an outside or inside force from opening the door. In most of these locks, you can lock the door completely shut or open it 3 or 6 inches for airflow.

In addition to being very secure, these locks are also very discreet. Guests will most likely not notice the sliding locks, but your doors will be safer and just as appealing.

Apply Shatterproof Window Film

Burglars may sometimes attempt to break your sliding glass. If they are unable to pick or jimmy the lock, a shatterproof window film can be employed to provide extra protection in cases like this. When properly applied, a shatterproof window film might be unnoticeable. The thin vinyl will attach to the glass, making it exceedingly difficult to break; if the glass breaks, the vinyl will prevent it from shattering out of the frame, thus preventing access into your house.

Cover Your Sliding Doors

Sliding doors provide a comprehensive view of your house, allowing anyone to see your belongings and what could be worth stealing. Homeowners enjoy the natural light and views that their sliding glass doors provide, but frequently, those same views make sliding doors unsafe. Moreover, most sliding glass doors are located in backyards, where potential burglars may observe a home without being noticed.

Long vertical blinds are popular among consumers because they are easy to open and close. However, they are fragile, especially if you have children or pets. You can solve this problem by covering your doors. Sliding panels and shutters are also fashionable and more durable alternatives to vertical blinds.

Need Help With Securing Your Sliding Glass Doors?

Homeowners enjoy the beauty and convenience of sliding glass doors. You don't have to sacrifice your peace of mind because of them. You can enjoy and secure your sliding glass door with these simple preventive measures. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, keeping your home safe is our priority. We specialize in residential and commercial locksmith services, including repair, replacement, and installation of high-security door locks. Give us a call today.

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