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May 24 ,2023

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key

As a service provider dedicated to your maximum satisfaction, we understand how frustrating it could feel losing your keys.

Since key-related issues are always an emergency, you may keep looking blankly at the door without having any solution. But all hope is not lost as it is possible to open locked doors with the appropriate methods. We have outlined these techniques to help you unlock your locked door without the key. Let's see them below.

Use the Bobby Pin Method

The first step is to get a small, thin, flexible pin that can go through the door lock effortlessly. Insert the pin tip inside the lock and drive it through. Let the pin go deeper into the lock and start pushing it in and out. Doing so alters the lock mechanism, and the door may unlock as you keep moving the pin.

Using the Knife Method to Open the Door

The knife also comes in handy to open a door if a Bobby pin is unavailable. Using a butter knife would help because it's less sharp and reduces the possibility of giving you a cut.

As you would do with a Bobby pin, insert the knife into the lock and move it as much as possible. Apply a bit of pressure as you carry on, and if you can distort the lock's mechanism, the door will give way.

Use a Credit Card

Try to let the card find its way into the space between the lock and the frame, even if you must force the card in. Holding the remaining part that is outside, bend it back towards the frame as you attempt to unlock the door. Ensure that the card you are using is solid and thick enough to withstand all the rough movements so it doesn't break.

Lock Picking with Paper Clip and Allen Wrench

Another option that works is lockpicking with a paperclip and Allen Wrench. Locate the lower edge of the door's keyhole and, take the Allen Wrench, insert the tail inside the hole. Just like how you would turn your hand when using an actual key, turn the Allen Wrench in that direction.

While doing this, apply some pressure and hold the Wrench tightly. Take your straight paperclip with a short crook attached and pick the lock, pushing the paperclip deeper into the keyhole. Continue moving it in while you lift it upwards, backward, and in circles till the lock snaps open.

Hire a Locksmith

If you are not comfortable with the above DIY methods but still interested in opening your door, a locksmith in Lewis Center can help. When an expert who knows about doors comes in with the right tool and expertise, your door will be opened. Columbus Locksmith Pro has been in the business of offering locksmith services to our clients. So if you need any lockout service, we can help you enter your home.


There is still hope of reopening your locked door because you can comfortably use any of the methods listed here. However, it's also a fantastic idea to hire a locksmith service provider.

At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we are your go-to solution for every lock and key challenge. Our services cut across every sector as we are dedicated to serving you round the Clock. Let's hear from you today.

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