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May 25 ,2022

How To Maintain Locks In 5 Easy Ways

How To Maintain Locks In 5 Easy Ways

We all depend on door locks to safeguard our belongings and restrict access to unauthorized persons. Unfortunately, we neglect the locks when maintaining other mechanical hardware. Homeowners should know that most door locks are ductile and durable but they were not designed to last forever. Depending on the amount of usage, your door locks could last up to six to seven years and could also break or damage unexpectedly.

If you want your locks to last for an extended period, you have to start maintaining them using the tips in this article.

Hang Your Door Correctly

The major cause of unexpected damage to the lock is incorrect door installation. Sagging doors use the lock as a support system. This gives direct pressure on the latch and bolt of the lock leading to unexpected damage. Try to identify the issue with your door once you notice it is sagging or making unnecessary noise. Time wasting will not only cause damage to the door, but it will also negatively affect your locks.

Always Tighten Your Door’s Screws and Strike Plates

Still focusing on the effectiveness of the door, we recommend you check the screws and strike plate of your door. Sometimes, technicians use shorter screws when installing the door. Such screws become weak within a short time and could cause the door to sag. Concentrate on the screw securing the top hinge to the doorframe and use a longer, three-inch screw to each hinge. This way, the hinge screws will not be staggered rather, the door will be firm.

Apart from elongating the life of your locks, stabilizing your doorframe with long screws will help increase break-in resistance and enhance your security. Just like the hinges, you should also ensure that long screws are holding the strike plates.

Lubricate Your Locks 

Lock lubrication is a vital aspect of the maintenance routine. It ensures your locks function smoothly because the lock's cylinder and shackle will not get stuck due to friction. You can lubricate your locks about once or twice a year. Lock lubrication is not cumbersome. You can easily apply dry lubricants through the keyhole.

When the lubrication is done effectively, it will also help wash away dust and dirt that can cause friction between the internal parts.

Ensure the Latch Is Aligned With The Strike Plate

This brings us to the installation of the door lock. Sometimes, the wrong installation can cause the lock to be damaged in a short period. Take time to inspect your locks after installation and see that the deadlatch falls into the strike plate. Also, check that the deadbolt’s hole in the door jamb is deep enough to contain the bolt.

Clean Your Door Locks

Though the internal components of the lock determine its functionality, it is good practice to always clean your locks. You should not use an abrasive or chemical cleaner for this. The chemicals could remove the protective coating on the locks.

Call a Locksmith for Lock Maintenance or Repair

Lock maintenance will help your locks perform better and last longer. But the fact is even well-maintained locks will wear out over time. So if you notice that your locks are not working correctly after years of installation, call an expert locksmith from Columbus Locksmith Pro for lock repair or new installation.

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