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February 05 ,2022

How To Fix A Stuck Door Latch

How To Fix A Stuck Door Latch

Having a door latch stuck can pose a threat to your house security. That is why you need to understand when door latch is stuck open or stuck close, we’ve come up with common issues and possible fixes for your door latch. Let’s get right into it. 

Door Misalignment 

If your door latch gets stuck whenever you’re trying to open or close it, you may be dealing with a misaligned strike plate. This often requires applying extra force to open the door, because there’s a scrapping of the metal latch against the strike plate. A misaligned strike plate is either caused by expansion of the wood due to moisture or an issue with the foundation of your house not being secured. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is to mark the place where the metal latch scraps against the strike plate. From there, can determine whether you need to reduce the wood between the door frame and the strike plate or adjust the strike plate to a new position. However, if this issue is due to moisture, it is bound to happen annually or semi-annually. What you’ll have to do for a permanent fix, is to redo the finish of your door to protect it from moisture-related issues. Lastly, if the issue is related to the foundation, rescuing the foundation or removing the undergrowth roots will do.

Jammed Latch 

You will notice no difference between when the latch is pressed in or when it’s turned by the knob. A jammed latch is most times caused by rust due to moisture or dirt built up around the moving parts of the latch bolt, which hinders the spring from tensioning. Whatever the case may be, the latch gets stuck and can stop the door from either opening or closing. This issue is most common in old houses that are susceptible to rust. 

Trying to turn the knob or handle won’t work. You will have to disassemble the lock and do a bit of cleaning. Allow the components to sit in vinegar of about 5% acidity. Doing this will allow the gunk to separate from the metal. After a day, the components can be removed and wiped thoroughly to remove any form of excess gunk. It’s best to wax it to prevent any form of rust. The last thing you’ll need to do is to assemble the lock and your latch will be good as new. 

Broken Internal Mechanism 

When your lock mechanism is broken, other components may stop working. Whenever your latch gets stuck only when you are trying to use the knob to open and works perfectly when pressed in and out, then it’s a sign there’s something broken in your lock. 

The best solution is to change your locks. You can decide to change it with your local locksmith or get in a big store. Either way, changing your lock to that of a high-quality will enhance the security of your home.

Feel free to consult the expert from Columbus Locksmith Pro if your door latch is stuck or you have other locksmith related problems. Our mobile locksmith will arrive to deliver the service on the spot.

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