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May 11 ,2023

How to Diagnose and Fix Your Broken Ignition

How to Diagnose and Fix Your Broken Ignition

Broken ignition is a common issue with older cars. As a driver, you could start experiencing keys getting stuck to difficulty in turning.

Practically, issues with the ignition is always frustrating. That is why ignition replacement or repair is critical in ensuring your ignition functions effectively.

Therefore, in this article, we will explore ignition key diagnosis and methods of fixing them.

Diagnosing Your Car Ignition

There are different reasons your vehicle key ignition might break or damage. It could be because of loose wires from a poorly done servicing, an attack on the ignition by criminals, or inserting the wrong key into the ignition. 

While ignition repair is more cost-effective than replacing the ignition cylinder, there are problems that repairs cannot handle. Then replacement becomes a better option. 

How to Tell You Need an Ignition Repair

Before carrying on with repairs, you want to diagnose and know if the problem is from the ignition. It will help you make the right decision.

Key Not Turning

The key refusing to turn is usually a sign that the ignition is faulty. Try with a spare to know where the fault is coming from.

When a key refuses to open, there is likely a blockage in the wafer which stops it from turning. To get your ignition working again, you must get a trained locksmith for ignition cylinder repair.

The Car is Not Starting

There are different reasons why a car won't start, which makes troubleshooting to find the exact problem tricky. For example, the battery isn't the issue if you can still lock and unlock the door. 

When the starting issues becomes persistent, check your spark plugs, or use the remote start feature if the vehicle has one. The ignition is faulty if all these does not work.

Car Key Stuck in the Ignition 

A key getting stuck is often a sign that the ignition is faulty. The springs of the wafer bind the key, refusing to let you pull it out. 

The above scenario can result from debris clogging the wafer, which would not allow it to move freely. Even though you can attempt to repair the ignition when you have a key stuck there, you most likely need an ignition replacement service from an expert.

Ignition Replacement 

Car ignition repair might be a preferable option, but it doesn't work in all cases. Let's consider some of the problems that require replacing the ignition.

Drilled Lock

This happens if the cylinder is not turning to the accessory position when the key is inserted. Yet, the locksmith cannot use the automotive lock picks to rotate it. Instead of drilling, it’s better for a good electrician to loosen the ignition, identify the fault, replace it repair.

Too Many Missing Components

The car ignition comprises smaller components which allows it to function efficiently. For repair to happen, all these parts should at least be available. Having too many missing parts becomes harder and more expensive to replace.

Wrapping Up

It can be exhausting to have ignition problems when you need to be somewhere with your car. So, if you have car ignition issues, we will have our trained locksmith in Powell, OH diagnose the problem and give you a solution. At Columbus Locksmith Pro we provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services to the greater Columbus, OH, area.

With our years of experience working on different types of cars and with the right tools, your vehicle security will function efficiently.

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