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October 08 ,2021

How To Choose the Right Lock Brand

How To Choose the Right Lock Brand

There is a lot of unverified marketing promises on both the print and digital media about lock brands. Meanwhile, some of the deadbolt locks produced by popular brands lack the level of protection desirable by consumers.
So how can you determine the lock brand that can withstand multiple kicks or stay a couple of minutes under assault from a cordless drill? 
There are a couple of features to be considered when picking a lock brand. However, your aim as a consumer should be to choose a lock that can provide high security and protection from burglars and criminals.
Here are some of the critical features to be considered when searching for the right lock and brand to protect your business assets.

Lock Complexity

When you are looking at door locks, pay attention to the complexity of the lock cylinder. The complexity of the locking mechanism determines its’ picking resistance. In simple terms, when the lock is more complex than usual, it reduces the chances of having a criminal make a similar key type or pick the lock.
Popular brands with complex locks include: Schlage, Yale, Mul-T-Lock, Baldwin, Kwikset, Medeco, and more.

Bolt Capacity
Apart from the calendar complexity, a high-security door lock should have hardened steel bolts that can withstand any kind of attack. The bolt capacity is also known as the breaking strength resistance of the locks. You should purchase brands or locks that possess high cut and hammer resistance.

Drill Protection
Keep an eye out for high-security doors with drill features. This is an important feature to look out for. An anti-drill feature prevents criminals from drilling holes into your door and breaking in.

Metal make-up/Strength of Material
The hardiness of a lock depends on the amount of metal in its composition. Always check for the kind of metal used. A high-security door lock should have heavy metal use.

Price Checks for High-Security Locks

Generally, when it comes to pricing, it is believed that the higher the price, the tougher the lock. But that rule is not applicable when aesthetics is considered

  •      There are certainly high-quality brands that are more expensive than the others, with these brands you are not paying for the lock but also the name and aesthetics. 
  •      Check the specifications of the lock to know what you are paying for. The two main features that influence the price of door locks are the lock complexity and metal composition.
  •      If you are not installing the locks, then you should also include the installation price in your budget.

Always check for ratings from every brand you're considering, you can check the company website to confirm and also get recommendations from any locksmith service provider. You can consult the experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro for such recommendations.

Wrapping Up 

There is no superior lock brand, you just have to check for whatever features each lock brand has and weigh your options before picking a high-security lock. Feel free to contact us for more clarification about finding the perfect lock brands that cater to your security needs, 

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