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December 07 ,2022

How Much Does Keypad Door Lock Installation Cost?

How Much Does Keypad Door Lock Installation Cost?

Although conventional key locks are affordable, they come with the bottleneck of restricting your access to your property if you misplace the key. Sometimes we are in a hurry that we lose our key or forget it somewhere in the house. And since you don't have the spare key with you, it means you are locked out of your home!

Now, imagine if this happened in the night after returning tired from work. You might have to drag your fatigued body into the car to pass the night. You can see that this scenario is quite unpleasant. However, modern technology has made it possible to avoid experiencing such scenarios. 

Technology has brought about the use of modern locks that provide improved safety and security. Modern keypad locks provide residential and commercial properties with more advanced protection compared to traditional locks. And the benefit of modern keypad locks is that they are easy to use. There is no fumbling of keys when it comes to this lock type. All that is required of you is inserting the passcode to gain access to the property.

Using modern locks comes with a price. They are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. So before you decide to hire a reliable locksmith to upgrade the door lock system of your building, ensure you know the cost required.

How Much Does A Unit Cost?

There are several models of keyless locks or modern keypad locks that are available in the market. You just have to choose the one you prefer. The cost of a unit of keyless lock is dependent on various factors. For instance, purchasing a modern keypad lock that has features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and Biometrics, will increase the overall cost of the unit. Also, the materials that are used to manufacture the keypad lock will determine its durability and in essence, its price.

To purchase a standard keypad lock, you will need $75 for a start and the price can increase to $400, depending on the model. On the other hand, commercial-grade locks can go as high as $500 for a complete set. If you are bothered about getting quality keypad locks then you don't need to worry.  Columbus Locksmith Pro can take the stress of purchasing and installing a suitable keyless lock off your shoulders.

How Much Does Keypad Lock Installation Cost?

Purchasing the keypad lock is one-half of the hurdle. To complete the journey of improving the safety and security of the building, then you need to work with a professional locksmith. A reliable locksmith service will ensure that the keypad locks are installed properly and securely. You wouldn't have to worry that the locks will fail in a short while or that an intruder will bypass the lock system because it wasn't installed properly.

Working with a professional locksmith for the keypad lock installation will cost you some money. Because you will be paying for the labor cost of the locksmith service. The cost often varies due to the type of lock. Some keyless locks are more complex than others.

However, installing a modern keypad lock has been made easy by Colombus Locksmith Pro. We are a trusted and efficient service provider dedicated to providing 100% satisfactory services.

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