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August 15 ,2020

How Does a Panic Bar Work?

How Does a Panic Bar Work?

To ensure the proper use of any equipment, adequate information of how it functions is an absolute necessity so as to prevent misuse or abuse of the equipment and injuries resulting from improper use.
This also applies to the use of panic bars. Basically, they are used in emergency exit doors at both residential and commercial premises to ensure the safety of all occupants.    
A safe home is not only determined by the locks or advanced security systems, but also by the presence of escape options. For example, if there is a fire emergency, it is important that people are warned and that they can leave the building quickly and safely via an escape route (emergency exit door). Thanks to panic bars on a door, it makes the emergency exit doors to open easily and quickly. 

With the installation of panic bars in your home or business premises, people can quickly flee in the event a dangerous situation. Of course, the escape route must be free of obstacles and easily accessible to everyone. Emergency lighting and the indicator signs make it easier to find the emergency exit and use it to leave the building.

Some of the challenges experienced with the use of panic bars are usually caused by 
•    Poor installations by inexperienced locksmiths
•    A lack of maintenance by the company 
•    The use of counterfeit materials in the panic bar installation. 
Columbus Locksmith Pro can help you handle any challenge with your panic bar by providing professionally trained locksmiths who are very skilled in the installations of panic bars and also provide original installation materials that are very durable.

As a security systems service provider, we help our customers by giving information of the creative ways panic bars can be operated. 

You Can Lock an Emergency Door from the Inside With a Panic Bar

You must be able to open an emergency door within a second. Still, you can lock an emergency door from the inside, without the door losing its function as an emergency exit. This is possible, for example, with an electronic panic bar. 

This panic bar must be installed according to the manual. As a result, the door is locked in a normal situation. In the event of a fire emergency, the alarm triggers, and the voltage will drop. Then you’re only required to push the beam and the emergency exit door opens to facilitate your exit.

The Bar Can be Unlocked from The Outside With an Access Control System

You can unlock the emergency exit door from the outside with an electronic code control panel, a card reader (key fob tag) or a remote control. This can be done in combination with an electronic panic bar. It has a motor that allows you to unlock the door with access control. This way, you can be sure that only authorized persons can open the locked emergency exit door. 

Irrespective of the type of panic bar you want installed in your home or office Columbus Locksmith Pro has got you covered. We are always available for the installations of any kind of panic exit system of your choice.

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