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November 27 ,2022

How Do Car Immobilisers Work?

How Do Car Immobilisers Work?

Cars were originally designed to be locked and accessed with a combination of keys and locks. Cars also had similar ignition mechanisms, which prevented unauthorized users from starting the engines. However, car manufacturers had to innovate when thieves started hotwiring cars and manipulating the ignition cylinder to start the engine without the correct key.

Today, car security has evolved to include smart lock systems, which can automatically provide security and be controlled remotely. One of these newer smart security systems today is the car immobilizer. This article looks at car immobilizers, what they are and how they work.

What is a Car Immobilizer?

Car Immobilizers are anti-theft systems that prevent your car from starting unless the correct transponder key is used. The ignition security system in almost every modern car comes equipped with a car immobilizer, which works automatically once the transponder key loses contact with the engine module. It doesn't need to be manually activated. The immobilizer prevents your car from starting if an incompatible transponder key is used. This prevents hot wiring and car theft, as only the correct transponder key will start the engine.

How Do Car Immobilisers Work?

Car keys today might be viewed as an additional security feature. Many modern cars are equipped with transponder chips that work in sync with immobilizers. When you start the engine or have the key fob inside, these chips communicate a passcode to the car's immobilizer technology. Key fobs with pin codes that match those on immobilizer systems start the vehicle.

In most cases, immobilizers will give off an alarm if the incorrect code is entered. The security service may also be notified if a burglary attempt is made through some digital auto systems. If an attempted theft has occurred, the security company will reach out to the user to verify they are not in the car.

The security system for some immobilizers has evolved into a two-tiered system with a fixed and changeable code. Each time you start the car, the second code is recorded in the transponder. Immobilizers check the permanent codes first, then request the second reprogramming codes compared with those in the database, and then start the vehicle. Without the second code, the car will not start.

Does Your Car Have An Immobilizer?

You can check whether your car has an immobilizer easily. The handbook contains all the information about the car. Look for anything related to the immobilizer in the handbook. If you have questions about the engine or immobilizer of your car, you will find all the answers in this book.

Remember, when purchasing a new vehicle, it may not be equipped with an immobilizer. The owners may have removed it, or the company may not have installed it. However, you don't need to worry since you can install an immobilizer with the help of an auto locksmith if your car does not have one.


Immobilizers are a significant breakthrough in the battle against auto theft, and they have gone a long way to bolster car security and reduce car theft. If you do not have an immobilizer or are unsure if it works perfectly. You can contact Columbus Locksmith Pro. We offer car immobilizer installation services and immobilizer maintenance to ensure your car is safe and secured from car thieves.

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