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March 03 ,2023

How Can I Unlock My Safe Without A Key?

How Can I Unlock My Safe Without A Key?

The destructive method is not the only way to open safes if you lose the key or code. This is a myth propagated by marketers! However, losing the keys to the safe or forgetting the combinations is sometimes inevitable and can happen to anyone. That is why you shouldn’t fret when you are in such a situation. You only need the right information and procedures on how to go about opening locked safes legitimately.

Though we will share DIY methods of opening safes in this article, but the best approach is calling a reliable locksmith for help. Be assured that Columbus Locksmith Pro will always have your back if you loss the combination or keys to your safe.

Here are proven methods for those preferring the DIY options.

Use a Paperclip

A paper clip is one of the many ways to open a safe without a key. You will need a straight piece of paper, then carefully insert the end of your paper clip into the upper part of the safe lock. Using a tweezer to hold the paper, push the paper clip further into the lock till it gets into the inner chamber. Once you are sure the clip has gone deeper into the lock, rotate the tweezer in an anti-clockwise manner and keep turning it till you open the lock.

Use an Override Key for a Digital Safe

If you have a digital safe, you can use the override key to unlock your safe. The only way to remove the battery inside the door is if the safe is open. Before you can access the override lock, you must remove the panels at the side of the keypads. This will expose the lock where you insert the override key. Without the override key, the safe cannot be opened. Alternatively, you can still hire a dependable locksmith to open the key lock for a charge.

Recharge the Battery

In place of the override keys, you can also use the passcode of your electronic keypad to unlock your digital safe. You need to recharge or replace your battery, as the case may be. The batteries are located around the bottom of the electronic keypad. If you can't find your override keys, replace the battery or recharge it if it has run out of power. Once you charge the battery, input your password in the keypad to open the safe.


If you have lost your keys, rekeying is an excellent way of accessing your safe. A locksmith is needed for this. It involves dismantling the lock and changing the internal mechanism  to disable the old keys. The locksmith will provide a new key as well as configure the lock.

Drilling a Hole Through the Lock

If you have lost your key or forgotten the combination, you can open the safe by drilling a hole into it. Know that doing this means permanent damage to the locks. If there are no other options available, you can use drilling. The drilling process involves making a small hole in the lock, then drilling till you break open the safe. If, after drilling, you still want to keep safe, then you can get a locksmith to change the locks.

Final Thoughts

You can follow any of the ways we have listed in this article to access your safe if you have lost the keys. However, instead of doing it yourself and damaging your lock or safe, contact Columbus Locksmith Pro to help. Our locksmiths are trained and always on the ground to deliver! You can contact us today, and we will be glad to help.

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