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November 05 ,2020

Holiday Home Security Tips

Holiday Home Security Tips

Everyone wants to have a wonderful time and make the most of their holiday season. Regardless of the location, the main objective is to rejuvenate and catch some fun with loved ones. Unfortunately, this same period is when opportunistic burglars, wannabe thieves, and home intruders start to come out of their hideout looking for those unfortunate homeowners they can have their home ransacked.
At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we’ve prepared 3 security tips for you. These suggestions, when put into use, will ensure you never become a candidate for home theft while spending time with friends and family or away from home.

Secure Your Home

Making sure your home is well secure sounds intuitive and simple enough but becomes a tall order when it comes to being practical. Are all windows and doors locked? Do I have a working home security system? Are my entry locks reliable? Are there other weak points that I had not considered? 
These and many more questions need to be asked before you actually set out for your journey. A homeowner, for example, might actually forget to double-check that a window is locked and secured after letting in a fresh air the night before traveling. All we are saying is to do whatever necessary to have your home well-secured.

Conceal Expensive Items

You might have invested heavily in your entryways by installing high security doors and locks. But all of these would mean nothing if your window blinds or curtains expose expensive electronics and other valuable investments in your home. Never forget the saying that goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.
You may be surprised that a burglar would just use a channel, possibly a weak point you never thought about, to gain entry into your home and cart away with those expensive items. And such a thief might possess some uncanny skills that will help them manipulate or bypass your security system. In essence, make sure to hide any item or possession that could draw the attention of a thief or an opportunistic burglar in the first place.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

While we don’t mean this in an offensive way, we only want you to understand that it is vital to keep your holiday and travel plans secret from social media and even from some friends. Making an unsolicited announcement on Facebook or to that unreliable neighbor could give people enough time to plan an attack on your home.
But you may want to get to know a neighbor who could step in when every other security measures in place fail. Trustworthy neighbors could serve as a reliable second pair of eyes watching over your property while you’re away. And if you ask them to, they could be willing to help you look out for deliveries, newspapers, and other things that could lead thieves into your property.


Always think about investments in your home that could have taken many years for you to acquire and accumulate. Don’t allow just a few days of holiday excitement and enjoyment to make you lose them in a snap of a finger. And by putting in place every security measure, you can be assured that your home will be safe.
Are you planning to spend the upcoming holiday at a distant location? Do you want to bolster up the security of your entry lock before you leave? Contact us at Columbus Locksmith Pro to see ways we can help you achieve just that. We have residential locksmith experts who handle lock upgrades, high security lock installation, to mention a few. Just call us to discover how we can assist you with your home security.

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