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July 01 ,2022

High-Security Locks Buying Guide

High-Security Locks Buying Guide

High-security locks are a popular choice among many homeowners, thanks to their durability and ability to protect your home from burglary. However, various high-security locks are available today, and choosing the best one may prove challenging, especially for first-time buyers.

In this article, Columbus Locksmith Pro has listed a few features to look out for when choosing a high-security lock. This buying guide will make your search easy and will help you to differentiate between a high-security lock from others.

What to Look Out For In a High-Security Lock

Complex Lock Cylinder Design

The complexity of a security lock describes the sophistication of its design. A complex lock design makes it difficult for a burglar to understand and pick the lock. It is nearly impossible to pick every lock; while some criminals depend on sophisticated tools, others rely on bump keys. Whatever the case, high-security locks possess a complex lock cylinder design that makes it difficult to be picked.

Anti-Drill Protection

There are different ways of bypassing a lock, and one of such is drilling. A variety of lock designs have bypasses, allowing unauthorized persons to open the lock through a fault or weakness in the mechanism. One way criminals break into homes is by drilling through locks. A preferred high-security lock should have anti-drill protection that secures the shear line and screws in case of a burglary attempt. A high-security lock must possess anti-drill plates or ball bearings made from hardened steel, making it impregnable by drilling or excess force.

Metal Composition

The strength and security of a lock depend mostly on the amount of metal in its composition. Compared to traditional door locks, high-security locks are more robust and durable. They are mostly heavy, because they are made purely of metal compared to other locks, which may include plastics or leave spaces in their design. A high-security lock is made primarily to guarantee safety. As such, it has a rigid, heavy structure and is resistant to force. Hence, when considering high-security lock installation, look for a lock with heavy metal composition.

Lock Rating

High-security locks are one of the most secure locks in the world, and it is not because we say so. Security locks are rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which assigns a rating based on the level of security each lock provides. High-security locks have a Grade 1 rating: the highest rating of locks based on their security; Grade 1 locks do not offer much in terms of design and style. However, they compensate for this in their strength and durability.

Unique Keys

Compared to traditional locks with keys that may be duplicated or bypassed with a bump key, high-security locks are different. Most high-security locks come with patented keys that are difficult to duplicate. Most high-security locks have a "do not duplicate" inscription on them, which makes duplication more restricted.


Since locks provide the first defense against intruders, investing in the best locks should be a critical consideration of every homeowner. You can employ high-security locks for commercial and residential purposes. Columbus Locksmith Pro offers excellent lock installation and repairs if you need help with high-security locks purchase and installation. Contact us today.

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