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June 25 ,2022

Get Your Sliding Door Lock Checked

Get Your Sliding Door Lock Checked

In contrast to wood or steel doors, sliding doors have different weaknesses. Despite their beautiful and functional design, they can pose serious security risks if left unchecked. The risks associated with sliding doors are well known to many homeowners. However, they do not consider them important or are not concerned until a burglary.

To help reduce the vulnerability of sliding doors, you have to go the extra mile to optimize the lock. Sliding door locks are just like any other locking device that needs consistent maintenance. While you can do some maintenance yourself, others may require a licensed locksmith to have them checked. That is where Columbus Locksmith Pro comes in. We will apply advanced techniques with the right equipment to help you repair or replace your sliding door lock. However, this article takes a look at the sliding door and why you should have it checked regularly.

Checking Your Sliding Door Lock

As metal grinds against metal, due to the constant sliding of the doors, it thins out or distorts. Over time, every lock wears out. The lock may cease to work at this point or break entirely later. Hence, keeping sliding door locks under constant check is important to detect malfunctioning locks and prevent any security breach. Here are a few things you can do:

Lubricate the Lock

Lubricants are important during maintenance to limit friction between your sliding door and the door frame. Sometimes, it takes a little lubricant to fix a sliding door lock. Although the fix may not permanent, it can keep the sliding door opening freely until you can get a locksmith to provide a permanent fix. A lubricant can fix a latch stuck in a lock or get a latch that does not extend to move again. Whenever something does not move as it should, you need to lubricate the non-moving parts.

Fix the Door

In some cases, the issue with your sliding door is not the lock but the door itself. It is common for sliding doors to have issues with the locks remaining intact. Sometimes, because of the length of the track and the tight tolerance, any obstruction to that track caused by external objects such as debris falling on the track or a defective door railing will obstruct the movement of the sliding door.

Lock Repair

In most cases, a sliding door lock is fixed by repairing some of its parts. Such repairs involve fixing the lock without replacing the entire lock. 

Some sliding doors use a mortise lock for tightened security. Mortise locks are serviceable because they are designed to get disassembled easily. If you need sliding door lock repair or replacement, contact experts from Columbus Locksmith Pro. We can also help you evaluate your home's security as well as advise you on reliable security measures to put in place.


A sliding door is not an ideal choice for physical security. Due to its inability to withstand lots of force, a burglar can easily break the glass to gain entry into your house. However, frequent checking and maintenance of the sliding door lock can help ensure that you enjoy longevity and the aesthetic advantage of the sliding door.

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