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March 29 ,2023

Ford Keys

Ford Keys

One of the greatest inventions in the automobile industry is remote keyless entry. The emergence of key fobs in the market has provided car owners with a more satisfying user experience. However, finding a reliable locksmith to handle Ford key replacement or transponder key configuration could be a daunting task.

If you are in Columbus, do not fret because Columbus Locksmith Pro has got you. With our expertise in terms of handling Ford keys and security systems, your vehicle will be safe against thieves and criminals.

Fast and Reliable Ford Key Replacement in Columbus

It is possible to lose or damage your keys irrespective of the model. In this case, the next option is to get a Ford key replacement service.

However, losing keys isn't the only reason you need Ford key makers. A damaged key would necessitate a replacement or repairs.

You can get the key replacement done by calling or visiting our workshop. Compared to other service providers, you’d get Ford key replacement, installation, or upgrade at an affordable price. Do not anticipate going to car dealerships. At the end of the day, you’d pay exorbitant fees for the same service Columbus Locksmith Pro is offering.

Round the Clock Ford Key Makers in Columbus

We understand how frustrating it is to lose or damage your Ford keys! Car key loss could ruin your day if help does not come your way any time soon.

That is why we have experienced Ford key makers in Columbus ready to help within a moment's notice. Irrespective of your location, our mobile locksmiths will arrive to deliver the needed services. In case your Ford security system malfunctions at an odd time, do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits and Hidden Features of Ford Keys

There are a few hidden features that make your Ford key cool and easier to use.

Window Control

This is one of the cool things about using the Ford key fob. The key can roll down the windows and open the vehicle's sunroof. By pressing the unlock button once, releasing it, and pressing it down for 10 seconds, the windows and sunroof will be lowered.

Fold the Side Mirrors

By using the Ford smart key, you can fold the side mirrors while parking. This folding feature helps you to prevent physical damage to the mirror. Fold the mirrors by pressing the lock button on the remote key for 10 seconds, and the mirrors will change position.

Extend the Range Of Key Signal

You can extend the range of your key signal by holding the key against your head. By doing this, you become a part of the transmitter, and the reach of the remote key will increase.

Call a Locksmith for all Your Car Security Needs

Every aspect of your car security should be taken seriously just like the engine and air condition units. Allowing an inexperienced person to handle your car security would be a joke taken too far! Call the attention of an expert whenever the key fob or any component of the security system starts to malfunction.

Columbus Locksmith Pro will come to reprogram or fix any issues with your Ford SUV, Salon, truck security systems.

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