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November 12 ,2021

Easy Strategies For Removing a Broken Key

Easy Strategies For Removing a Broken Key

You tried opening the door to your home or car as you would on a normal day and the lock is stuck. You tried twisting the keys severally with a little bit of frustration and SNAP! The key breaks. Now you feel more frustrated and helpless.

It is quite easy to start panicking in this scenario. After all, you have little or no knowledge about the easy strategies for removing a broken key. However, panicking usually make things worse. You should know that having a key break in a lock is not the beginning of an apocalypse.

Getting out of the situation is quite easy if you know what to do. Just take a deep breath and try one of the easy strategies below.

The First Thing to Do

First off, call for the help of a professional locksmith company like Columbus Locksmith Pro. A professional locksmith will help get the key out in no time and save you from getting into more complications.

If you don’t have access to a locksmith, you will need a WD-40 or graphite spray. Use your spray on the lock hole as there is a high chance that your lock needed lubrication in the first place. After you’ve done that, you can jump to any of the easy strategies for removing a broken key below:


The most effective equipment you can use to remove a broker key are tweezers especially if your key is protruding through the lock keyhole. In the case where the key is not protruding but a bit close to the keyhole’s opening, you can use the prongs of your tweezers to pull it from either side.

However, the risk of using tweezers is that you can accidentally push the broken further in the keyhole. This is why calling a professional locksmith is the best thing you can do. If you intend to do this yourself, you should know that tweezers with thinner prongs increase your chances of getting around the broken key.

Jigsaw/Hacksaw Blade

You can also make a tool to help remove a broken key from either a small jigsaw blade or a small hacksaw blade. Make sure that the blade is thin even to slide beside the broken key in the keyhole.

The next thing to do is to cut off or break a small part of the blade and gently insert the broken part against the rigged side of your broken key hoping that the blade hooks the key before you pull it out. Keep in mind that this strategy may require several attempts. You should be extremely cautious with this process to avoid cutting yourself with the blade.

Super Glue

This strategy is the riskiest as it can ruin your lock if it is not done properly. Hence, you should only do this when you are in an emergency that you don’t care about ruining your lock. Also, this strategy works best when the key is protruding from the keyhole or when the key is close to opening the lock.

Stick either a toothpick or matchstick to the broken key using super glue. Once set and dry, gently pull out the key from the keyhole.

Broken Key Removing at Columbus Locksmith Pro

Your best chance for removing a broken key is to call a affordable locksmith in Westerville. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we have professional locksmiths with the experience and equipment needed to get your broken key out of your keyhole.

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