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June 03 ,2022

Do Locksmiths Rip You Off?

Do Locksmiths Rip You Off?

Locksmith scams have become a common problem in recent times. Many home, car, and business owners have fallen victims to the criminal elements in the industry - losing hundreds and thousands of dollars. While all locksmiths are not scammers, various illegal locksmiths have filled the market, ripping people off their hard-earned money.

If you have ever fallen victim to locksmith scams or you are looking to prevent it from happening, this article will ensure your locksmith does not rip you off.

Here's How Locksmith Scams Work

Generally, locksmith scams start with advertisements for fictitious businesses online, in newspapers, and local directories. All of which are designed to lure you into a scam. Some of the ads include pictures of satisfied clients and reviews. Unfortunately, these scam adverts are often ranked highly and have an attractive interface.

When contacted, the locksmith inspects the lock and charges more than initially agreed, claiming new installation, drilling, and more repairs are required. Nevertheless, due to the situation's urgency, you cannot refuse, hence, spending more than you intended.

How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

It is important to clarify that most locksmiths are honest professionals, licensed and bonded by the profession's ethics. However, many unlicensed technicians parade themselves as qualified locksmiths, defrauding people repeatedly. These tips below will help you avoid being ripped off by a locksmith:

Don’t Wait Until You Need A Locksmith

Desperation is one sign that all con artists look out for before defrauding their clients. Many people never look for a locksmith until they need one, and most times, they are in a desperate situation, needing urgent help. This provides the perfect condition to be ripped off by a dishonest locksmith. To be safe, always check out local locksmiths in your area before you ever need one. Call in, ask for their rates, process, and if they provide emergency services.

Use Google

Here is a disclaimer: when using Google, do not call the first locksmith that appears on the search results page. There is a possibility that the first place you’ll go to when you need a locksmith is Google. However, many make the mistake of clicking on the first result they see. This is wrong and will most likely lead you to a scam. The first few results on a Google search page are pay-per-click adverts and are usually denoted with an "Ad" symbol next to the link.

These websites have not been ranked high because they have been long in business or have excellent customer reviews, but because they have paid to be ranked. So rather than click links with "Ad" attached, go for the locksmith with the first organic link.

Check Online Reviews

Reviews are important for every business, including locksmiths. It tells of their credibility and expertise. Reviews are extremely important, in addition to finding out how well the locksmith does their job and how easy it will be to work with them. Locksmiths with no reviews are a red flag; likewise, locksmiths with too many 5-star reviews posted within a short period should raise eyebrows.

Do You Need A Credible Locksmith?

Columbus Locksmith Pro specializes in helping people regain access to homes, businesses, and cars. We also provide round the clock emergency services for residential and commercial purposes. Much more, our rates are fair, so you do not have to worry about being ripped off.

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