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December 19 ,2021

Do-It-Yourself Home Security Systems

Do-It-Yourself Home Security Systems

As home security increases in popularity, this is the right time to make your home smart. Though, in terms of cost, most people are skeptical about smart home security appliances because they think these systems are out of their ‘league'. The truth is - Smart home security systems are not as expensive as most people think. And another good news is that you can easily install them – no matter your technical prowess!

At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we desire to make life easier for our current and potential clients. That is why we have selected inexpensive security systems that are easy to install.

Here are some of the best do-it-yourself home security systems that will not ‘bore a hole in your pocket'.

The Ring Alarm Pro

Arguably one of the best DIY home security products ever, the Ring Alarm Pro comes with extra features like cellular-powered Wi-Fi, network security monitoring, and the ability to integrate with Alexas' Guard Plus.

Classified by marketers as customizable home protection because you are at liberty to add other great components like alarm accessories, cameras, and Eero 6 extenders. It comes with four Contact Sensors that can be installed in your windows or doors for added security. Another good feature is the motion detector you can put in your hallway or room.

The price is quite affordable, if you have the resources, then go for the Optional Ring Protect Plan. You will enjoy 24/7 professional monitoring of the most critical parts of your property.

SimpliSafe Home Security

With SimpliSafe Home Security, no one will compel you to sign a long-term contract. It is simply an affordable, straightforward cellular security system. The live video feed is readily available and it comes with a key fob, additional motion sensors, a smoke detector, and a glass break detector. With convincing performance and remote control, the price, with its monthly access fee, at $220.

Vivint Smart Home Security

If you’re searching for a high-quality security system that is super easy to install, then consider Vivint Smart Home Security. Integrated smart home features and high-end equipment with Pro installation that makes it the best of the bunch.

This high-end security device does not have a luxury price tag like some of its competitors. The manufacturers designed a flexible financing model where you can choose to pay for the equipment and monitoring separately.

Wyze Home Monitoring

An all-rounder costs just $80 with its two doors and two windows sensors, a keypad, a built-in siren, and a base station. For professional monitoring, users can pay an extra $5 monthly or a full year for $60, which comes with the key half-price. The only downside is Wyze’s lack of cellular backup, which means a power or internet outage makes it nonfunctional.

Now is the Time to Get Your Home Security System

Having control over your home is very important today, as it was yesterday. The only issue is how costly professional home security has become. To control your budget, consider buying a simple do-it-yourself home security system. There is no big deal installing them yourself. Just read and understand the installation process, and boom – you have a smart system in your home! Take advantage of this invention and enjoy peace of mind, even when you are not at home.

However, you can consult professionals at Columbus Locksmith Pro to get sophisticated systems with better technologies to guarantee a more secure home.

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