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January 05 ,2023

Different Types of Residential Door Locks

Different Types of Residential Door Locks

Security is a concern for every homeowner. People want to live in their houses or apartments without fear that harm may befall them or their valuables. To curb this fear, and also secure homes, businesses and other valuables, there is a continuous research and development by security hardware manufacturers.

Locks provide some level of security against unwanted or forced entry by burglars and other criminals. Locks are a common feature in residential properties. Every home has some type of lock in place that allows entry and exit from the property.

Ideally, locks work with keys (both physical and electronic) without which, it is difficult to enter the residence. There are different categories of residential door locks available in the market and the choice depends on factors such as budget, crime rate, and the level of security you want in your home.

Types of Residential Door Locks

Door locks used in residential properties can be divided into two broad categories:

Exterior Door Locks

  • Front Door Sets

They are also known as front door handle sets. Front door sets are usually seen on the entrance or front doors of various homes. This type of residential door lock has no lock on the handle. Nevertheless, they are conventionally used with deadbolts.

  • Keyed Door Locks

This residential lock type is designed to have a cylinder on the outside. To unlock the door, you need to insert a key. The key is used for releasing the latch that locks the door.

  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

Single-cylinder deadbolts can be found in many residential homes. The mechanism behind operating this door lock involves using a key on the outside and a simple turn of the hand on the inside. For additional security, a guard on the inside stops the turn from rotating. Thus, the lock cannot be unlocked with the key or picked if the guard is set.

  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolts

Compared to single-cylinder deadbolts, double-cylinder deadbolts offer a better form of security. To operate this door lock, there is a key on the outside and the inside with safety in place, in case of an emergency. However, this lock is not common in residential homes because most housing codes don't permit such locking systems. Nevertheless, you can always hire Columbus Locksmith Pro for this type of residential lock installation.

  • Lockable Thumb-Turn Deadbolts

Lockable thumb-turn deadbolts can be locked from both inside and outside. The residential lock type is a combination of single and double-cylinder deadbolt locks. It is mostly used where there is a need for optimized security.

Interior Door Locks

  • Knobs and Levers

Usually knobs and levers are not equipped with any locking button or keyed cylinder. This means that anyone can access the room without any hindrance. They are ideal for passage and hall doors. They are often used just to ensure the doors are closed. If you are looking for maximum security, then you shouldn't use knob locks alone.

  • Dummy Locks

You can always hire your local locksmith service to install dummy locks on shallow closet doors or the inactive side of double doors in your home. Dummy locks are made up of knobs or levers on only one side, and don't have any other working parts. They are simply mounted on the surface of the door.

If you need a qualified and background checked locksmith for residential lock installation, the experts at Columbus Locksmith Pro are ready to help.

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