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May 13 ,2022

Cylinder Locks: All You Need To Know

Cylinder Locks: All You Need To Know

Cylinder locks are popular locking hardware used for mostly uPVC, composite, and aluminum doors. They are designed with pins of varying lengths which align when the right key is used to open the lock. They are one of the popular locks because of their affordability and easy installation features.

In this article, you will get all the information you need about cylinder locks and how they work.

Types of Cylinder Locks

  • Rim Cylinder Lock

This is a kind of cylinder lock that is fixed to a door's inner and outer surface with a small latch. They are also known as a night latch systems. There are two kinds of rim cylinder locks; sash locks and deadlocks.

  • Single Cylinder Lock

It is a kind of cylinder lock that can be activated from one side of the door with a key.

  • Double Cylinder Lock

This cylinder lock uses a key on both sides of the door. It is one of the best locks for optimized security.

  • Euro Cylinder Lock

These cylinder locks are barrel-shaped locks used for uPVC doors.

Why Cylinder Locks Are a Great Choice

A homeowner can use cylinder locks for different purposes. You can use it on your front, back, side, and patio doors. Some homeowners also prefer cylinder locks because of their ideal size which makes them fit in internal and external doors. Of course, you cannot neglect affordability when comparing locks. The price point is a major reason why most homeowners opt for cylinder locks.

How Cylinder Locks Work

Immediately you insert the keys and turn it clockwise, it turns the cylinder and aligns all the pins for the lock to open. The mechanism also turns the cam pulls in on the bolt. On the other hand, you close it by turning the cylinder anticlockwise. This will release the bolt and the spring will snap into place to realign the pins. The cylinder locks are designed to open with a specific key and you will only gain access when you use the right key.

The internal components of the cylinder consist of pins and a spring. The upper pins are the most important component of the cylinder lock, they stop the cylinder from turning when the door is in a locked position. The keys have notches to enable each pin to move properly into the right position and height.

Cylinder Lock Installation

As we stated earlier, easy installation is one of the reasons people prefer the cylinder lock. The first step is to insert the cylinder in the shaped hole that passes through the door and lock. This way, the cylinder will be in the correct position when turning the key and it will be possible to move the latch and the deadbolt. After that, screw the cylinder in place, let it get in the hole on the lock plate and at the top of the cylinder. So to get it screwed into the threaded hole of the cylinder, you need to position it properly. Then complete the operation by fitting the security coverings to safeguard the hole for passage of the cylinder through the door.


When a professional install cylinder locks on your property, they provide good security for your doors. In case you are considering installing cylinder locks, contact a professional from Columbus Locksmith Pro for a proper locks installation at an affordable rate.

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