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October 12 ,2022

Common Myths About How Criminals Open Locked Cars

Common Myths About How Criminals Open Locked Cars

Everyone wants to safeguard their possessions from theft, especially cars. At some point, car owners expressed concern about the increasing break-ins. This is why some go the extra mile to get super-secured cars to guarantee safety. However, even the most technologically equipped automobiles have been broken into.

While it may be tempting to believe that vehicle theft would never happen to you, even the most secure locations and individuals have fallen victim to car theft. This article considers three myths car owners have about how criminals open locked car doors. This will help you to know what is true and what can be considered false.

Myths About How Criminals Open Locked Cars

If you are a frequent user of YouTube or any other video-sharing website, you have seen videos claiming that you can unlock a car door with a cell phone or even a tennis ball. The question, however, remains; are these myths true? Let's explore them.

Myth One - Locked Cars Can Only Be Opened via Their Locks

There has been a prevalent notion that thieves only enter automobiles by picking the lock. This myth has caused many car owners to believe that keyless entry cars are superior and burglary-proof. While it is true that cars with keyless entry provide a higher level of protection and comfort than cars with key entry, it is also crucial to remember that car thieves do not have the time to pick locks since they are in a hurry to steal your vehicle.

Therefore, they adopt other methods, such as using a wire hanger, breaking the glass, and using specific gadgets that save them from wasting time picking the lock.

Myth Two - Aluminum Foil Can Be Used To Prevent Car Theft

Recently, there were reports in the media that several criminals have routinely exploited remote entry devices to break into secured vehicles. Several suggestions were offered to aid people in preventing the theft of their cars. This included covering key fobs with aluminum foil, which they suggested would interfere with the frequency. Additionally, they recommended keeping your keys as far away from your vehicle as possible.
However, burglars do not always require access to your key fob to break into your locked vehicle. Although it is prudent not to hang your keys by the door, where a thief may discover them and take your vehicle, aluminum foil will not prevent auto theft.

Myth Three - My Car Is Not Worth Stealing

Many owners of older car models believe the myth that an outdated car is not worth stealing. However, criminals are more likely to target older vehicles due to their obsolete and easily compromised security systems. One thing is consistent with criminals, they are always in a hurry, and old cars are perfect since their locks are obsolete and can be easily manipulated to gain entry.


Myths are not always accurate, and this is why we have taken the time to help you debunk them. The safety of your car is your responsibility, and there are a lot of ways to keep your car safe. If you park your car in a garage, you can hire a locksmith in Westerville to install a smart security system to provide better protection for your car. If you need better suggestions on how to secure your car, then contact Columbus Locksmith Pro. We are a team of expert auto locksmiths that can help provide the best solutions for keeping your car safe from thieves.

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